Green Tea Red Bean Longan Mooncake 绿茶红豆龙眼冰皮月饼

Actually, I am still experimenting the usage of green tea powder because some of the time it turns out in such fantastic colour and some other time it is not ! I wonder if it is related to the branding or the mixing method. I will start investigating as soon as I found some other branding of green tea. The latest batch of green tea colour turns out to be really dull compare to the tea powder I bought 2 years ago, as shown the above picture.

And these mooncakes were made by the latest batch of green tea powder. Absolutely, dull & isn't attractive at all !

Ingredients :

Ingredients for Green Tea snow skin dough :
140gm   koh fun (cooked glutinous rice flour)
10gm     green tea powder
45gm    Crisco shortening
200ml   ice water
150gm  icing sugar

*550gm  red bean paste

Method :
(1) mix together koh fun, cocoa powder & dark cocoa powder into a big bowl till well combined.
(2) rub in shortening till everything became fine crumb.
(3) stir in syrup water & ice water till soft dough is foamed. Then set aside to rest for 30 minutes before used.

For large mooncake, divide green tea dough into 63-65gm each and red bean paste into 90gm each then round it. Now, wrap bean paste with green tea dough and nicely sealed. Then coat it with koh fun then mould it with mooncake moulds. Best to keep refrigerated before serving.

For small mooncake, divide snow skin dough into 20gm each and red bean paste into 30gm each.

However, the combination made out of this chunky red beans paste with red dates & longan is really refreshing. Hope you guys will love it too. Happy weekend !
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