Rice Cooker Nasi Kunyit @ Turmeric Mixed Rice 香喷喷的黄姜饭

One of hubby's elder sibling and two nephew also a Muslim and they celebrates Raya every year. But this year, we are not attending the Raya party. Hubby decided not to travel around so much, but rest more after the recovery from malaria. So, I decided to make a few Malay dishes at home instead. I am a first timer making this turmeric rice cause normally we can have it at our Malay friends' houses during Raya (Eid al-Fitr) time or wedding dinner. However, I am so glad I tried it. Everyone loves it ! The traditional turmeric rice is actually steamed glutinous rice with turmeric juice and coconut milk. Hubby is not really fond in having glutinous rice for his lunch nor dinner, so I decided to mix up the rice and recreated it.  Hope you guys will love it too !  >o<

I don't encourage the use of turmeric powder on this recipe, if possible use a fresh one.

Ingredients :
1-1/2 cup   long grain basmati rice
1-1/2 cup  glutinous rice
1 tspn  salt
1 tspn  vegetable granules
1 TB   white peppercorn, washed
2 slice  tamarind slices  / asam gelugur
2 pcs 1" fresh turmeric root, washed & sliced
2 cups  water
2/3 cup  fresh thick coconut milk
2 stalks  lemongrass, take only the bottom part then slightly crushed

Method :
(1) grind fresh turmeric root with 80ml  water till smooth then strain and set aside.

(2) wash & rinsed both rice together then stir in turmeric juice, salt & vegetable granule till everything well blended.

(3)  now, add in water, lemongrass, asam slices & peppercorn and switch on rice cooker let to cook till done.
(4)  when the rice is ready (meaning the keep warm switch will light on), at this moment, pour in the coconut milk and leave it for 30 minutes.

(5) when its done, stir to soften the rice then serve.

 Note  :  Normal rice and water ratio is 1 : 1  But when mixing with glutinous rice, water level need to be  cut down. This is to prevent the rice became too soft & sticky. However, for packet coconut milk user, you may use 1 cup measurement instead of 2/3 cup. Packet or canned coconut milk is less watery.
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