Vietnamese Spring Rolls 越南春卷

I actually made extra peanut gravy the other day and keep them frozen in separate bags, then I can use them whenever I want later day. Now its just the right timing cause my kids are all home. I'm pairing the peanut gravy with pan fried chicken chop and Vietnamese spring roll. Found a packet of Vietnamese rice paper at one of the shop  ahere few months back. Yeap, still sitting in the pantry ! haha.... Finally, I put them in good use.

Just look at the homemade peanut gravy ! Simply irresistible. (Recipe homemade peanut gravy)

The Vietnamese rice paper normally comes in round hard paper sheet as picture shown the above.

Ingredients :
1 large Japanese cucumber, julienned
1 large carrot, julienned
100gm  bean sprout, blanched
1 big bunch of cilantro, rinsed and discharged the root
1 packet of Vietnamese rice paper (need extra for 1st timer)

Method :
(1)  after putting everything in place, now soak Vietnamese rice paper into water for about 1 minute.
(2)  then quickly bring out the soaked rice paper and place it to a chopping board, which is easier for the rolling task.At this stage, the rice paper is not totally softened.

(3)  now, immediately arrange all the ingredients to rice paper and roll it up, before it turns overly soft.

 (4)  fold all three corners of rice paper inwards as picture shown above, and making sure the filling is not overly packed. Otherwise, the rice paper will break easily by the time rolling it.

And TA...DA...... Its done and all ready to serve !

For proper storage, its best to place all spring rolls onto a plastic sheet without touching one and another because the rolls turns pretty sticky at the stage. Its best to keep chilled before serving. Then preheat the peanut gravy to serve with the Vietnamese spring rolls.
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