Keropok Lekor Terengganu 登嘉楼特色炸鱼饼

I can't believe it myself that I'm actually making keropok lekor !!! Gosh, never in my life I would imagine myself making this, Terengganu fish cracker ! Its hubby favourite. I actually wanted to buy some of these during my last visit to Terengganu but hubby said NO ! However, I knew I'm going to give this a shot when I reached home and this is it. I have fulfilled it. Keropok lekor is the specialty of the east and it is normally made with small fishes or leftover fishes from the market place. Unlike the common fish cracker which is thin and crispy, keropok lekor is slightly thicker and fishy flavoured.

And I have chosen to use ikan kembung (scomber or bloating fish) for the test run, cause its cheap and meaty compare to other small fishes.

Ingredients :
1 kg  ikan kembung or bloating fish
1/2 cup  water
1 tspn  vegetable granules
2 tspn  salt
1 tspn  pepper
200-250gm  tapioca starch

Method :
(1)  remove all the internal organ from fish, wash and then slide two side of the fish.
(2)  next, use a spoon to scrape off the meat on the bones & skin.

(3)  now, mix together water & salt and set aside.

(4)  place fish meat, granules & pepper into a blender and pour in water, blend the meat to smooth paste.

(5)  transfer blended fish paste into a big mixing bowl, then stir in tapioca starch and knead till smooth.

(6)  when mixing bowl turns out clean, meaning the dough is ready for further process.
(7)  now, divide dough into several portions and roll each of them into rope shape, then fit them into a big greased plate (best with cooking oil).

(8)  finally, steam at preheated steamer for 30 minutes or cook them over boiling water till floated. Leave to cool completely when done then coat each of them with cooking oil to prevent sticking. Keep them frozen for further storage.

Now for serving, simply just slice or cut the chilled steamed fish cake into pieces then fry them into golden brown. And serve them with sweet & spicy chili sauce. So, my mission has completed. Horay !!!
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