Homemade Pickled Ginger 自制腌酸姜

Pickled ginger is one of the many popular condiment of the East. The Chinese loves to have it with the century eggs or hard boiled egg, while the Japanese loves to have it on their sushi. Pickled ginger is quite appetizing to go along with any deep fried food or raw salad as well, but I enjoy eating it alone ! >o<
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Just a reminder that you need to get the fresh young ginger that looks like the one I have here, with the red red head.

Ingredients :
250-300gm  young ginger
2/3 tspn  salt
1 glass jar

Ingredients for brining :
150ml   vinegar
6 TB  sugar
1/2 tspn  salt
( combine all ingredients then cook to dissolve sugar or till vinegar smell has evaporated, next off the heat and set aside )

Method :
(1)  scrap off ginger skin then cut and throw off the green part, keep the red part instead for later use.

(2)  next, cut ginger into thin slices and stir in 2/3 tspn salt till well mixed, then let to rest for 15 minutes. (you may use a peeler to slice the ginger)

(3)  once its ready, squeeze out juices and ginger should turned soft at this stage.

(4)  bring a small pot of water to boil then stir in ginger slices and let to boil for about 3 minutes.

(5) once its done, drain and squeeze out the excess water. Then let ginger slices lined on a tray or basket to cool off.

(6) now, place cooked ginger slices into jar including the remaining red ginger head. This pink part will helps the juice became pinkish after some time later.

(7)  finally, pour the brinning syrup into filled jar and keep jar cover by lid.

These pickled ginger is finally ready to be consumed 4 hours later.  The ginger slices will look slightly pinkish at the stage.


  1. This must be very appetizing, esp. in the hot humid summer! I miss the century eggs :-))


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