Tofu Under The River 河低香滑豆腐

The other day the veggie stall offered me 2 packets of handmade soft tofu for RM2.00. I don't mind taking them cause I like tofu. Actually, cooking with soft tofu is a big challenge cause it can't easily go along with any recipes. Since hubby love spring onion and prawns, I think this simple recipe will sure capture his attention. Two of our favourite in one dish sounds good to me. And then I pick up a funny title for this tofu dish. haha..... It looks like one though ! Don't you think so ? haha..... Please read on for more.
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These are hand pressed tofu. So, please don't expect it to be perfect. >o<

Ingredients :
10 pcs  medium size prawns
4 pcs medium size silky soft tofu
3 garlic cloves, minced
3 slices  ginger
handful of spring onion, cut in 1" length
350ml  water (mixed with 2tspn  corn starch)
1 tspn  salt
1 TB  osyter sauce
1/2 tspn  vegetarian granules
1/4 tspn  pepper powder

Method :
(1)  peel off the middle prawn shell and leave the tail & head, trim off the sharp part of the head as well.
(2)  bring a pot of water to boil then add in tofu and let to cook for 3 minutes, drain off water and leave to cool.
(3)  now, cut tofu into slices and arrange to serving plate and leave it to rest.

(4)  preheat a wok with 2TB cooking oil, stir in prawns and cook till it starts to curl then add in garlic & ginger and continue cooking over medium heat till fragrant.
(5)  next, add in water mixture and bring it to boil.
(6)  finally, stir in the remaining seasoning and cook till thicken.
(7)  once its done, off the heat and stir in spring onion.
(8)  again, remember to drain off the excess water from tofu before transferring the prawns gravy over it. And its all ready to be served.

Not much picture taken during this session cause friends are coming over for dinner tonight. More things need to be done. Well, only left me an empty plate by the end of dinner. Thank you for loving it guys !


  1. Such an interesting name! It looks surely delicious with the jumbo prawns.


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