DIY Kampar Fun Zai ( Special Rice Noodle) 自制金宝粉仔

One of my favourite street food and must buy food whenever I visit Kampar, a small town in Perak state. I've been planning to put my hands on this since few years back but always too busy to attempt it. And the second reason is, there's no recipe available. I was trying my luck this round. Yeah, expecting another Einstein here ! haha...... No, I am actually inspired by Kenneth Goh but made with different flour. The result is quite satisfying. I am so glad I managed to made it this round and the picture shown the above is actually how the stall owner packed the noodles every morning. I like mine to serve with red sweet sauce and curry gravy. Super yum !

Ingredients :
250gm  rice flour
200gm  wheat starch/tung fun
2 tspn salt
540ml  boiling water

Method :
(1)  combine all dry ingredients and mix well then slowly stir in the boiling water till flour became large crumb.
(2) now, slowly knead mixture together to became soft dough. It's a bit sticky actually. Just be careful cause it's still hot.
(3) once its done, divide dough into 6 portions then place to slightly floured (rice flour) working table.
(4) roll dough into rope shape then divide it by pressing dough the desired length as pictures shown below.

Roll dough into thickness as desired. I like it thick cause I enjoy chewing on it.

Once you get the thickness, press one end to cut it by rolling it into thin string. Pull to dough to discharge.

It looks like lou su fen or silver needle noodles but slightly larger.

You will get about this much of noodle from the recipe given, serve for 4 persons.

Now, bring a pot of water to boil. Let noodle boil till floated. Then transfer to cold tap water to cool down the cooked noodles. Unlike the silver needle noodles, this rice noodles is not glossy in colour.

Once its ready, drain the noodle and set aside.

And this is the final process, stir fry rice noodle.

Ingredients :
100gm  long beans, cut into bite size
handful of bean sprout, rinsed
one recipe of rice noodle
2 TB  chopped garlic
1 TB  dark soy sauce
2 TB  light soy sauce
1 TB  oyster sauce
1 tspn  vegetarian granules
pepper to taste
2 TB  roasted sesame seeds

Method :
(1)  preheat wok with 2TB cooking oil, stir in long beans and cook till softened about 5 minutes over medium heat.
(2)  now, add in an extra 1 TB cooking then stir in chopped garlic, saute till fragrant.
(3)  add in rice noodles and stir to well mixed,
(4)  once the noodles became hot enough, add in the remaining seasoning, stir to mix well.
(5)  finally, add in bean sprout and off the heat. Transfer to serving plate once the bean sprouts has softened. And serve with sesame seeds, sweet sauce & curry gravy.

Note :  No extra water or thickening needed for cooking the rice noodles.
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