Green Tea Cream Cheese Parfait 绿茶芭菲甜点

Yeah, I know.... its been awhile ! I hardly have time for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, I will get something done cause my boy is complaining too. He wants to have something to enjoy badly. I need  something quick & easy and some more hassle free. And this is what I came out with.... the green tea American parfait. There actually three types of parfait, one is the French parfait which it is an iced dessert made with egg yolk, cream & liqueur. And the other one is the American parfait, which it is made with layers of cream, pastry & fruits. And lastly the British parfait, its a savory parfait made with the mixture of liver into a pate. So, which you prefer most !!! I think I prefer the American style. Quick to prepare. LOL.

So, here's what I did.

Ingredients : (4 servings)
250gm  cream cheese, softened at room temperature
200gm  icing sugar
4 TB  green tea powder
150ml  heavy cream
6 pcs  large graham crackers/digestive biscuit
1 cup  azuki /red beans, slightly pressed
extra green tea powder for garnishing
Method :
(1) beat cream cheese, sugar, green tea powder till well cooperated then set aside.
(2) now, whisk heavy cream till foamy & stiff then fold it into cream cheese mixture and blend till well mixed.
(3) crushed biscuit into fine crumbs one at a time,  place one biscuit to each cups then spread on a layer of green tea mixture.

(4) top with some red beans and 1 tspn cracker crumbs, again cover it with a spread of green tea mixture. And keep refrigerated for 3 minutes to set.
(5) finally, decorate the top with with green tea powder and red beans when serving.

LOOKS SIMPLE !!!! BUT tasted absolutely wonderful & refreshing.

The texture seems quite similar to the chilling cold ice-cream.... so creamy smooth. For green tea lover, this is something you should try out. Enjoy and hope you guys will love it too !
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