Passion Fruit Jelly Cake 百香果菜燕蛋糕

The weather has been so hot for the past couple of weeks. No doubt, cause its drought season ! Luckily, the rain started a few days in a roll this week. Such a blessing. I have skipped baking quite a while, can't stand the heat. So finally, I decided to make jelly cake for Mother's day. I always wanted to try it out with passion fruit and finally I did it. For anyone who are all time in busy schedule and would love to prepare your own birthday cake, jelly cake is the best choice. Simply hassle free & refreshing too !

And its as easy as 1...2....3....

Ingredients :
600ml  water
12gm   agar-agar powder (1 packet)
145gm  sugar
3  passion fruit

**Decoration Topping : one pear (diced), one medium size mango (diced) & one green kiwi fruit (diced) & if possible strawberry (diced).

Method :
(1)  combine water, agar-agar powder, sugar & pandan leaves into a pot and bring it to boil over medium heat. Continue boiling it for about 15 minutes till mixture look a bit thick.
(2) now, discharged pandan leaves then stir in passion fruit, and off the heat one minute after.
(3) transfer mixture to a 7" bundt cake plastic mould and let to cool down before keep chilled for 2 hours or till set..
(4) unmould agar-agar cake once its ready then decorate the top with mixed fruit.

Strawberry is out of stock here ! So, just dump in whatever available and it still looks as good & delicious. Nothing will goes wrong cause simple is beautiful.


  1. Hi Kristy,

    I love this fat free very fruity cake!!! Very refreshing and no worries to eat :D


    PS I'm happy to hear that you like my video. You are right that I don't talk a lot because most of my talking have been edited off. I was told not to interrupt and not to help the celebrity and I stood aside. The show is focusing more on the celebrity and we are just their "side dish" only :p

  2. Looks and sounds like the perfect cake for warm weather!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog last week! Somehow you didn't transfer over to my new reader; I have added you back in! I always enjoy seeing your creations!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  3. Aquí hace mucho frío ,pero igual quiero probar y hacer pronto este rico postre refrescante y colorido,saludos y abrazos.


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