Reserved Forest Secret Exploration

Never expected to join this trip earlier. However, I accepted hubby's invitation ! I decided not to mention the name of this place, its to prevent from those destroyers getting in. Earlier I was scared when they mentioned its a brand new place that so far haven't been explored before. There is no track.... also meaning that there will be lots of work and loads of energy needed. Not an easy task at all ! However, I am so proud of these guys included my man, of course ! haha..... I had a great time. Thanks to you, guys.

By the way, this is actually my number 800th post after 8 blogging years. Horay !!!

The unknown wild flower.

See how it survive here in the middle of the forest.

A friend told me that this plant is used in many famous Chinese medicine. And its very expensive.

There are plenty of them but we didn't collect them.

And this is how the whole thing looks like ! Yeah.....Huge !

And this plant looks exactly like centipede.

We also found some interesting plant here as well. The black mushroom.

It looks like lingzhi (靈芝)but it is not ! The top shell is hard.

We also found these insect eating plants along the way.

There are plenty of them ! I think its called as CARNIVOROUS PLANT.

Birds and many other animals favourite food, wild fruit.

Now, this is the best catch of the trip..... a surprise visitor ! The ASIAN PALM CIVET.

Not easy to spot it ! I spent almost an hour under the hot sun for this few shots. Phewwww......  And its all worth it. >o<

Now, here's what really happened behind the scene !!! Loads of hard work, clearing off the fallen trees.

Though, its only about 4 km away from the logging track, it takes us more than 6 hours to arrive the destination.

Three hard working men with two sitting behind ladies along the way. You can do it guys !!!  I did drive some part while they're working on the fallen woods & trees.

However, hard work does paid off. We finally reached our destination. Yet, still have to travel by foot before reaching the river side. See, our friends can't wait to fish there.

Since there's no suitable site for us, we decided not to camp there. We only spent about an hour resting then returned to other camp site. The exploration won't end here. Will be continue somewhere next month !

Enjoy & have a great week ahead everyone !


  1. Kristy...I envy you. I wish I was there with you. I love nature and imagine me and my Nikon..ha-ha
    I am sure you enjoyed the adventure. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Bet it was great!


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