Braised Chicken With Pamelo Pith 自制柚子皮焖鸡肉

For the past couple of months, some elderly friends kept telling me how good this pamelo pith tastes. Their parents used to cook it during their childhood days. They said it tasted just like those sea cucumber. However, they have not taken this dish for a very long time. So, I collected some pamelo pith yesterday after enjoying the fruit. My friends are so very happy that I'm about to prepare this dish for them. By the way,  I am celebrating my number 900th post today !!! yay..... Please read on for more.

Ingredients :
1/2  pamelo pith from one pamelo fruit
1 whole chicken thigh, cut into bite size
5 inches   ginger, sliced (I used more than that)
3 shallots,  sliced
2 garlic gloves, chopped
2 TB   light soy sauce
2 TB   oyster sauce
1 tspn   chicken stock granules
1/2 tspn  pepper powder
2 cups   water

*Thickening  :  2 tspn  cornstarch mix with 1 TB  water

Method :
(1)  skinned the green part of pamelo pith then cut each piece of pamelo pith into 1/2" thickness strips, as picture shown below.

(2) bring a pot of water to boil mixed with 1 tablespoon of salt then add in pamelo pith and let to boil for about 15 minutes. Add more water if possible due to speedy absorption to pamelo pith.

(3)  pamelo pith will became translucent once its done, discharge water and transfer to a pot of tap water. Let it cool in room temperature.

(4)  now, squeeze out excess water and change the water. Repeat this for at least 3 times. Then dissolved 2 tablespoon of sugar into one Litre of hot water, then soak drain pamelo pith overnight (add in extra water to cover the pith if possible).  Squeeze out excess water the next day and its ready to cook. This will help to draw out the bitterness from the pith.

(5)  next, preheat a wok or frying pan with just enough cooking oil and saute ginger, shallot & garlic till fragrant.
(6)  stir in chicken meat and let to cook till brown then add in cooked pamelo pith and stir well.
(7)  now, add in the remaining seasoning (reduce or add to your taste) except thickening. Stir well then add in water and let it cook over medium till meat & pamelo skin became tender & juicy. Add extra water if possible.
(8)  once the gravy became lesser, add in thickening and let to cook over high heat for one minute. Off the heat immediately after that and serve.

I love loads of ginger on this special dish. And it helps to flavour up every single piece of pamelo pith as well. Yeap, no jokes ! It tastes just like sea cucumber. Anyone wants to take the challenge ??? hahaha...... But still its best to pair it with pork belly for non Muslim. Have fun guys !


  1. My kind of dish, Kristy. Thumbs up for you using homemade pomelo pith for this delicious homey dish.

  2. I love pomelo and I am sure this dish smell good.

  3. Happy 900th posts , Kristy !!!!

    I read about watermelon rind stir fry and the pomelo pith certainly sounds interesting . Your dish certainly looks tasty !


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