Almond & Hazelnut With Prune Friands

Friand is one of the popular tea cake in Australia and New Zealand and it's actually something quite similar to Financier, a small French cake. It is made mainly with nut-meal, egg white and small amount of flour. Unlike any other cupcakes, this recipe is absolutely easy to prepare and perfect for any occasions.

Ingredients :
6 egg whites
185gm butter, melted
90gm almond meal
30gm hazelnut meal
220gm icing sugar
75gm flour
some pitted prunes

Method :
(1) combine all ingredients and stir untill combined.
(2) divide batter into 12 muffins tray and place in pitted prunes.
(3) bake at preheated oven at 190'c for about 15-20mins or untill brown.
Friands are best to bake without the paper cups. Just leave the batter touches directly to the muffins tray. So that the cake turns out with a total crisp crust, unlike mine! ^_^

Due to the use of egg white, the outer layer of this little cake became real crisp while the inner is spongy. Plus, the addition of meal nuts just giving it a total kick. Over more, this is an extreme easy recipe to follow and kids friendly. I'm sure this is something that you would love to share & enjoy with your family. So, have fun!
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