Danish Puff With Nutella Spread

As promised, here's the yummy little danish treat with nutella spread. Do I need to make further explanation on this? ^_^ haha... The pictures say it all! Just look at the nutella spread underneath the crispy crust. Absolutely mouthwatering!

Come on, let's go to take a look at the process of the making.

Method :
(1) roll danish dough flat into about 3/4 inch thickness.
(2) roll it up like a Swiss roll.
(3) then slice into 1/2 inch thickness each.
(4) again, flatten dough into oval shape.
(5) spread on nutella jam and fold the other half to cover it.
(6) leave aside to rest for half an hour and brush on egg glaze.
(7) bake at 200'c for about 20-25 mins or untill brown.
(8) finally, leave aside to cool before serving.

Did you notice the changes of the shape? It's actually transforming into a triangle sea clam shape after baking. Just like those kaya puffs! Guess, you gonna hate me for showing these.... haha.... Now, I'm wondering should I show you this page or should I not??? Happy baking everyone and have fun!
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