Thick & Chewy Chocolate Cookie Bars

Hey everyone, do you know Christmas is just about 2 months away? So, have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Or some of you already planning for your Christmas menu or dresses for the party! To whom may already bought your dresses or gowns!!! Are you sure you will be able to fit in after 2 months time? Frankly, as a food blogger self control is very important. When you came across something like this (as shown as the above picture), you should get off from this screen immediately...... but WHY AREN'T YOU???? hahaha.... I know you're still watching and staring at that piece.....and your saliva is floating in your mouth right now! And you're starting telling yourself just once! Alright! Just once!

Ingredients :
2-1/8 cup all purpose flour
1/2 tspn salt
1/2 tspn baking soda
170gm butter, melted
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 large egg
1 large egg york
2 tspn vanilla extract
1 cup chocolate chips

*some milky chocolate bar pieces for topping

Method :
(1) combine flour, baking powder, soda and salt in a big bowl.
(2) in another bowl whisk melted cool butter and sugar untill combined.
(3) add in eggs and vanilla untill well mixed.
(4) then fold in the dry ingredients and mix until combined.
(5) stir in chocolate chips and mix well.
(6) pour batter into a 9x13" tray lined with grease proof paper.
(as shown in the picture)

(7) decorated the top with milky chocolate bars chunk.
(8) bake at preheated oven 160'c for about 25-30mins or untill brown.
(9) leave cool and then divide them into 16 pcs.

And don't tell me that you're now chewing some milky chocolate bars in your mouth! I am so sorry if you did that. But do remember, you need to fit in to your Christmas dresses in another 2 months time. LOL! haha... Naaaa....Don't blame me for this! It's not my fault!


  1. these bars look great, and they're so much easier to make than actual cookies. well done!

  2. Oh please please ,just keep one piece and only one piece for me!

  3. Wow! The bars look really chewy and moist. Everytime I see your bakes I will drool and my to-do-baking list just from looking at your bakes just keeps expanding! :) Thanks for sharing Kristy.

  4. They look quite delicious, but no I am going to resist making them:-((( AS for Christmas I have bought some calendars but that is it. I still have 5 important birthdays to thing about first!!!! Diane

  5. yummy and with the chunky chocolate pieces on top! now must quickly hop over to other blogs..see but cannot eat..aarrgh!

  6. drooling. I love anything with chocolate :D

  7. I just swore that I shall cook more healthy dishes and bake less calorie bombs....sighs....I guess I will have to leave it to the new year list.

  8. Totally your fault! I'm not even ready for Halloween...don't mention Christmas!

  9. You are evil Kristy just evil tempting us like that! hahaha! How can we not look when you have "thick, chewy & chocolate" in the title? :D I can see how bad you feel about the whole thing. The good thing is, us smart food bloggers never get our Christmas dresses this early! hehe!

  10. wow these are delicious looking love them!

  11. Wow! I love this but as you said, better eat sparingly lol! Delicious looking!

  12. Hmmm, you're absolutely right my dear. I was thinking to leave, but I ended up starring at your treats. Can't resist, ha ... ha ... ha ...

    Have a wonderful one,

  13. Mmm...really makes me drool. Thought of stretching my hand thru my PC and grab one ;DD

  14. I thought it's difficult, but it's incredibly easy! Thank you!

    LOL, do you have Gingerbread man recipe, my girl always wants to make her own gingerbread man.;)

    Have a joyful weekend!

  15. Oh my..they look absolutly sinful..

  16. Now that my mouth is watering, I'll have to make these! They look delicious!!!

  17. Hi, Kristy, this bar looks great & delicious! Especially the chewy chocolate on top, i like!

  18. Looks like u've been busy baking..... haven't "seen" u for a while. LOL! U're one hell of a baker, aren't u?? Awesome!

  19. Milky Way is my favorite candy bar - I could totally eat a pan of these!

  20. Kristy, I'm sure you know that these choco bars are so very addictive, can't stop at one, so how to control?

  21. Looks great! I'm definitely going to try it out, but how much baking powder do I pput? It was left out.

  22. great recipe and very tempting ,kristy!

  23. Grace : Hi there, welcome to my humble little space. Hope to hear from you more often.

    WaiKitt : Haha.... ok, one piece only!

    Weng : Haha... never mind, just take your time!

    Diane : Ya, hold it untill X'mas! Wow, sounds like pretty busy but it's a good thing.

    Lena : Too late already! haha...

    smallkucing : Glad that you like it too!

    Angie : I bet ya!

    Belinda : Hahaha...

    Lyndz : You clever girl! HAHAHA.... Well, it's Halloween!

    Claudia : Thank you!

    Jeannie : You still look very fit. lol!

    Elra : Hahaha..... thanks!

    Ann : No need to drool! You bake so well. I want some of yours too!

  24. Alice : I'll try to get the gingerbread man recipe done! ^_^

    S : Thank you!

    Pam : Thanks and glad that you like it too!

    Chin : No baking powder is needed in this recipe! ^_^ It's cookie texture, not cake!

    Shirley : Will see you later! ^_^

    Mia : Hi there, nice to see you around. Hey, Happy Halloween to you!

    Barbara : Haha... so am I!

    Cheah : Haha... arrr.... probably, keep the mouth glue!

    Alison : Thanks alot!

    Thanks so much for stopping by everyone and it's a great pleasure for having you here. Am glad that you like this little treat.
    Hey, Happy Halloween all! Have fun.
    Cheers, Kristy

  25. Those look absolutely fabulous. Can't wait to try them!

  26. Yikes! I can't believe Christmas is almost here!
    Your cookie bars look so tasty. Those huge chunks of chocolate are divine!!

  27. This looks totally scrumptious! Just the kind of cookie bars I like, chewy instead of crispy. At the moment I am in love with Pepperidge's soft baked chewy chocolate cookies, your cookie bars remind me somehow of Pepperidge's. I should really try your recipe! Thanks for sharing Kristy :).

  28. Wow that looks amazing! I have to self control, that's why I always do last minute shopping!

  29. Delightful and love those big chucks of chocolate!

  30. Wow! Look at those generous chocolate cubes!!
    Kristy, would you mind courier some to me? :P
    Haha, just joking... I always follow your blog, and I told myself I wanna bake this soon, I wanna try that this weekend.....
    But end up with more procrastinating =_=

  31. Well, Kristy I will fit into nothing if I keep visiting your blog. How about carrot cake or zucchini cake? And yes these rich chocolate treats tempt.

  32. LOL, that's the reason I don't bake that often these days. hehe...

  33. Beth : Hope you will like it! ^_^

    Karen : Yeap, it's only 7 weeks away!

    MrPM : Thank you so much!

    Cooking Gallery : Oh, me too! I love chewy kind of cookie bars more than crispy ones.

    Ann : Last minute shopping is quite frustrating. lol! Normally, things will run out of sizes or colours that you want! I hated it!

    Penny : Thank you!

    Hayley : Haha... that's a good thing to do! Delaying means you eat less.

    Claudia : Haha... carrot & zucchini cakes!... normally, i will have them with cream cheese spread or butter! Any difference? haha....

    Little Inbox : I baked quite often cause my kids love them. They're bored of getting outside food. Always eating the same old thing!

    Thank you everyone for stopping by and spending your time with me.
    Have you're all having a fabulous day!
    Cheers, Kristy

  34. OMG!! Kristy! These are incredible - I must find the time to make this for my boys soon! They've seen it and won't forgive me if I dont :D

  35. Kristy, I've always preferred bars to cookies and now you've taken my favorite cookie and done it in a bar. Maybe I shouldn't have been reading this today. :)

  36. These are right up my street ... yummmm!!!!

  37. Yum!! My son and I may be making these later on today...thanks!

  38. Chocolate always makes me smile and these bars are no exception. Excellent.

  39. Kristy how could you lure us in the pan of temptation this way? I now know that you possess two personalities...and here I thought you were looking after our health before the Christmas goodies to come. LOL

    Ciao for now,

  40. OMG you will kill me with such chocolaty cookie! Kristy pack some for me it's toooo hard to resist!

  41. These look so delicious ::drooling all over my keyboard:: Thanks so much for linking them up to Tailgating Time this week :-)

  42. Unsulted butter?


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