Cake Rescuer

Yesterday, it was my mother in law's birthday. I made her a cake and was actually planning to make her 100 pieces of birthday buns but ended up making 90 of them, the day before. Guess what happened? I screw up the cake! And here's my schedule of the day before and so on.

Thursday morning :
~ busy with house chores and cooking lunch.
~ baked 2 sponge cake at 1pm.
~ started making the buns at 3pm and ended at 8pm.
~ started my cake project at 10pm, the sponge is too thick for my project. Screw up half of them.
~ feeding my kids with the pieces. I am really exhausted and not planning to bring home any cake.
~ at 11pm, something came up and trying to make good use of the balance of those sponge.
~ so, ended making a mousse cake at 11.30pm which is quick & easy. Keep refrigerated overnight.

Friday morning :
~ making a big pot of curry chicken.
~ then sent my boy to tuition classes at 9.00am.
~ getting packed cause we're leaving at 2pm to fetch my sister in law at the highway.
~ sister in law called up at 10.30am saying that she has changed her schedule cause her bus is arriving at the highway at 11.00am.
What should I do? Still haven't finish up the touch up of the cake! I'm not going home with a plain cake and I only have 30mins for the decorations. I need something quick! By the way, I still need to fetch up my boy.

Thank goodness, hubby took care of my boy. Wow, five minutes passed! Alright now, I still have some blueberry & strawberry chocolate bars in my pantry. I quickly melt the blueberry chocolate bars first. Gosh, my brain is jam! Nothing came out! I'm just holding the chocolate pipping bag and staring at the cake. Oh well, what the heck! Just drizzle on the melted chocolate. What else? The pipping bag tearing apart and the chocolate fell on the cake! DARN !!! I screw up the cake again!

Oh NO, not again! :o(

Ingredients for Cream Cheese Mousse Topping :
250gm cream cheese, softened
1/4 cup lime juice
1 tbsp gelatine powder
400ml whipping cream

Method :
(1) whisk cream cheese untill creamy.
(2) heat lime juice & gelatine over low heat untill dissolved.
(3) cool the gelatine mixture a little and then stir in the cream cheese, mix well.
(4) fold in whipped cream and mix to combine.
(4) spread batter over the cake base cake pan.
(6) keep refrigerated untill set.

Did you notice the mark on this cake? I wipe it away and continued on the pipping. This is simply amazing, I have everything covered up! haha..... Oh dear, I saved the day! And I'm going home with this cake. lol !

You've no idea what I've been through! Phewww.......I'm so happy that everyone like it very much! They said it's much better than the one they bought from the shop, Mocha Almond Cream Cake which cost about $60 ! They especially enjoyed the fruity flavour of the chocolate topping. Very refreshing!

And here are the buns I made for my MIL with sweat & blood! All together 90 of them. haha... And none left by the end of the day. What a blessing! ^_^

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