Red Dragon Fruit & Green Tea Pasta With Red Wine Sauce

I just bought my pasta maker a couple weeks ago. Can't wait to make some pasta with my new toy! This round, I have double up the green tea powder and the pasta looks darker and smell nice & strong. Other than that I've also trying it out with some dragon fruit puree. It turns out beautifully RED. I love the colour.

Ingredients for Red Dragon Fruit Pasta :

300gm all purpose flour
2 eggs
1/3 cup red dragon fruit puree
a pinch of salt
* Note : combine eggs and fruit puree to make up 2/3 cup and extra flour for dusting.

Method : Refer here. Then add in a little olive oil to the cooked pasta and mix well. To prevent from sticking together.

Notice the colour differences before and after cooked? This is the nature of colours. Unlike those artificial colours! I think beetroot should works well too but can't find any for this little project.

Ingredients for Red Wine Sauce :
100gm minced chicken meat (marinade with salt & pepper)
1-1/2 cup red wine
1/2 cup tomato puree
2 large tomato, diced
1 large onion, chopped
1 tspn mixed herbs
1 tspn crashed black pepper
salt to taste

Method :
(1) preheat frying pan with enough cooking oil.
(2) stir in chicken minced, onion & mixed herb and sautee untill fragrant.
(3) add in diced tomatoes and simmer untill soft.
(4) stir in tomato puree, crashed black pepper and red wine, simmer untill the sauce is thickened.
(5) add in salt to taste, off the heat & serve hot with pasta.
(6) ganache with parmesan cheese.

Homemade pasta isn't that hard at all. All you need to do is just put your hands on and roll it. Enjoy and you'll love your homemade food even more. Have fun!

I'm sending this to Denise @ Quickies Noodle Challenge.


  1. Wow - that is SOME SERIOUS CRAZY pasta! You totally went to town with the machine. Awesome.

  2. You are creative in making your own pasta! That is chef-level.

  3. Gosh! Dragon fruit pasta is definitely a first for me!

  4. Wow, the color is amazing. They look so delicious. It must be real fun experimenting with flavors and playing with your new toy. xD
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, the color is amazing. They look so delicious. It must be real fun experimenting with flavors and playing with your new toy. xD
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I noticed you love to make everythig from scratch, I am just the opposite, I love taking shortcuts lol! These pastas definitely look worth the effort!

  7. Wow, I am a pan mee lover and this one looks very healthy, Kristy!

  8. They look great! I am looking forward to use mine once the diet is over :)

  9. Colourful and healthy pasta! Your family should thankful as they get a thoughtful wife/mom like you.

  10. I also love making my own pasta. This looks so colourful and pretty. Diane

  11. Funny, I bought a pasta maker about two months ago. It is still in the box. I am so horrid. I feel bad when i see the lovely stuff you are making with yours. I must get to work. I need u to come over and give me a lesson daaaahling!
    *kisses* HH

  12. hmmmm, maybe i should go and get a pasta maker, everyone around here seem to be into making fresh pasta. Dragon fruit pasta!!! whats next durian?????!!!! But have to admit , that red does awesome

  13. Wow, very colorful and special! I would have thought it's tomato base pasta if you didn't say it's dragon fruit! I made spinach pasta before and it turned out just as green as your green tea too. ;) Have to salute your creativity here. :))

  14. Kristy you seem to be having a blast unleashing your creativity with the pasta maker. have fun

  15. I really want to try ragon fruit pasta....fascinating!

  16. Belinda : Yes, I did! ^_^

    Tigerfish : That so sweet of you! Thank you for your kind words.

    Penny : You think can get the red dragon fruit in Australia?

    smallkucing : Thank you!

    Jet : Frankly, I hate the cleaning up! haha....

    Jeannie : Once in a while, it's OK. lol!

    Hayley : Thank you! Hope you'll like it.

    3HTummies :'re on diet! Is it true?

    WaiKitt : Thank you!

    Diane : I only make them when I'm free.

    HH : Oooo... well then, I'm looking forward to your homemade pasta. Daaaaahling! ^_^

    Peanutts : Ooo...did you just say durian? Will think about it! haha...

    Claudia : Thank you!

    Bee : I want to try spinach pasta too! Sounds as good. lol! Thanks very much for your nice words. I'm really appreciate it!

    Dimah : Thank you!

    Shirley : Just having fun. lol!

    Angie : You think you can get the red dragon fruit over there too? Must be very pricy!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by and spending your time here with me today. And thank you for all your lovely words. Really appreciate it. Hope you're all having a wonderful day.

    Blessings, Kristy

  17. Kristy - this sings to my ever-lovin'-pasta heart. This would be gorgeous on Christmas Eve.

  18. You are so hardworking. Making pasta from scratch. Me, the pasta maker is collecting dust for year. Love the vibrant colors and I am sure it tasted great too.

  19. Wow...great looking pasta! Makes a really nice Christmas pasta with the red and green combination :)

  20. Kristy, very creative! 3 colors on plate, looks so festive ;))

  21. Looks really delicious and what a perfect pasta you made! We can't get dragon fruit easily here, but We're going to have to try the green tea powder pasta! What a great idea!

  22. Kristy this is so creative. I like the colors of the pasta both before and after. Does the dragonfruit pasta taste sweet? It is a nice dish for Christmas with the red and green! I can find dragon fruit here but it's a little pricey. I have some green tea powder and would love to try the green tea pasta. So you like it better a little stronger?

    Don't have a pasta machine yet, I just picked up a waffle maker during my black Friday shopping! :D

  23. What gorgeous and unique pasta - almost too pretty to eat.

  24. Kristy...I though I am the only one daring enough to play with ingredients and put them together but you are fantastic enough to put red dragon fruit and green tea pasta with red wine....FANTASTIC flavor ! Good one anyway :)

    Have a great day and how do you clean up the pasta maker ?


  25. Gosh, multi-colour pasta! Very innovative, Kristy!

  26. My pasta maker also collecting dust only, hehehe..Homemade pasta sound so good and healthy.

  27. Wow! This pasta dish really is almost too pretty to eat! You are so innovative - dragon fruit!! The dish looks like the Italian flag, so appropriate!

    Thanks for supporting our challenge Kristy :)

  28. I love it! I want a pasta maker... The colors are beautiful!

  29. What colorful and delicious pasta Kristy! You are using such unique flavors - so special! The red wine sauce sounds really good too.

  30. Kristy, how cool, you made your own pasta using dragon fruit and green tea...awesome...I love the colors of the pasta :-)

  31. I absolutely love the idea of making my own pasta, but I'm a bit lazy - haha. I really also like the idea of green tea pasta!! Great job this looks delicious :)

  32. Tempting colors Kristy! You and your new toy is one the way to make new wonders! My Baking Diva will soon became my Pasta Queen!
    Hats off to your effort and love for food and bringing them to us.
    Love you as always!

  33. wow this is the prettiest pasta ever great job, looks like so much fun to make as well

  34. Your pasta turned out just beautiful...and very season appropriate :)

  35. WHHHAATTT?!? Kristy - you are amazing! Where did you ever get the idea to use red dragon fruit puree to make homemade pasta??? Brilliant! What did it taste like? I've never had red dragon fruit, so I have no idea what it would taste like, but i tell you that your photos make it look delicious!

  36. The colors of your pasta are amazing! I don't think I've ever seen Red Dragon Fruit. I'll have to google it and do a little research.

  37. Your pasta looks almost too pretty to eat! LOVE the colors!

  38. Wow...beautiful pasta. Wish you luck for the entry, Kristy. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  39. Interesting combination! The colours are great!

  40. bellissima questa pasta colorata, e chi sa che buona che è :-P
    buon week end

  41. Morning Kristy! We had our first snowfall of the year! Thinking of you and sending you a glimpse of winter.... It is so sparkly and lovely!

    Your dragonfruit pasta is sensational. I am psyched about your pasta maker... that is soo cool. I have never made pasta. And once again you shine in the kitchen!

  42. Hello Kristy, haven't seen u for a while..... saw your colourful pasta over @ Denise. Great job!

    Honestly, I've never tasted this type of pasta & would certainly love to try some :)

    Happy holidays to u, Kristy!


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