Sweet & Savoury Chicken Pastry @ 'Char Siu Suo'

This is the kind of 'Char Siew Sou' I ate during my teenager days and is still available back home. Yeap, another favourite dim sum and snack from my hometown. It has a real crisp lower crust and a soft sweet custard topping with some savoury 'char siew' chicken in the middle. Since I can't travel often back home lately, I have to make my own here.

And here's what I did.

Ingredients for Pastry Dough (base) :
Dough A :
200gm all purpose flour
30gm icing sugar
50gm olive oil / corn oil
100gm cold water
(divide into 40gm per dough ball)

Dough B :
150gm all purpose flour
50gm olive oil/corn oil
(divide into 20gm per dough ball)

Method : follow instruction from here.

(1) coat mould with flour.
(2) place in flatten dough and press to the pastry cup.
(3) cut out the access dough at the edges by pressing them.

Ingredients for sweet custard topping :
200gm butter, softened
120gm icing sugar
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 tspn vanilla extract
300gm all purpose flour
60gm custard powder
Method :
(1) cream butter and sugar untill well combined.
(2) stir in egg & vanilla and mix well.
(3) fold in flour & custard powder and mix to form a soft dough.
(4) divide into 40gm each.

Ingredients for Chicken Char Siew :
Please refer here.
*prepare one egg for glazing.

Method :
(1) fill in the dough tray with chicken 'char siu'.
(2) cover the top with custard sweet crust and seal nicely to the side.
(3) brush on egg glaze and bake at 180'c for about 20 mins or untill brown.
I know this is a lot of work but it's while worth it! I have the 'char siew' filling and the topping made a day before or you may make this at anytime you want and keep refrigerated. It may come in handy. I normally used leftover roasted chicken for the filling and it taste as good. So, craving no more. lol! ^_^


  1. This type of char siu suo really hard to find in KL. So if we want to eat,then need to order from you...hahaha!
    May i know how many of this could make with this amount of flour ?

  2. i had a light lunch this afternoon and now looking at this, i'm seriously hungry!..looks like a lot of work involved making this..

  3. Wai Kitt : All the while, I thought you can easily find anything in KL but not this! Well then you have to make your own pastry. If not mistaken, it's all together 16 of them. Hope you will like it.

    Lena : I am having my afternoon break right now! Will be leaving in another 15 mins. Going to send my girl to tuition in a while.

    Thanks ladies for stopping by. Hope you will like this recipe and enjoy & have a great day!
    Cheers, Kristy

  4. Oh I must have some at yum cha tmr :)

  5. Kristy...you are such a great baker.. a salute to you ,so much energy to make this. Great one, like those sold at the shop :) thanks for sharing another great pau :)

  6. Kristy, I remember I had this when many many years ago, so nice to see this again :)

  7. I've never had to this with a char siew filling but I've had one with different chicken filling at yum cha restaurants- it's one of my favourite things to order =) I've been wanting to make this for AGES but I've never found a recipe so thankyou so much! I'm definitely making this one day!!

  8. Kristy, we call this 'Kai Sou' in Ipoh. It's pricey nowadays, selling at 1.50 rgt per piece and more expensive in dim sum restaurants. Both my hubby and myself love it. Our 'char siew sou' is slightly different with only the oil and water dough pastry. I've been itching to try this 'char siu sou' of yours but I know it's a lot of work considering there are 2 types of pastries to be made. And you made so many, how about sending some over? Ha, ha!

  9. Immediate bookmarked this recipe, will try out when I'm free. Thanks for sharing.

  10. no doubt this is something I would make my family loves pot pies, and these look perfect!

  11. Looks like it's worth the work!! They are gorgeous!

  12. Your char siew sou look exactly like the one sold by the bakery at Petaling Street (forgot the name) Brought back a lot of memories :)

  13. This is absolutely PERFECT for a party!

  14. Wow does that ever look good! You are a baking amazement. Things that take extra effort are usually worth it!

  15. I was just thinking, wow, this is a lot of work! Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get that taste of home! I wish I had this growing up! It looks awesome!

    Have a great weekend!

  16. LOL, I can smell the fragrance of this char siew pie! Perhaps one day i can give it a try, but 1st has to 'get rid' of little brother. These days he is tend to be very ' busy body', to the extend of annoying!;p

    Have a wonderful weekend to you, Kirsty!

  17. Oh Kristy, another magic from you. I have not seen this. You are very lucky to eat this in your teenage years! Food in my place is definitely simpler...haha. Looks very interesting and delicious! But looks very challenging to make. I'm waiting for you to make for me...hehe. By the way, thanks very much for your kind thoughts all along. Hope you have a wonderful day and weekend.

  18. I want some char siew sou now. Looks so delicious.

  19. Whoever gets to eat your beautiful creations is very lucky! Wish it could be me... :-)

  20. Can't remember having this but it sure looks good. The crust looks nice and flaky.

  21. i love char siew sou...especially those from Crystal Jade! :)

  22. I remember eating this quite often when i first started work in KL, there is one stall in Petaling Street that sell this, very tasty!

  23. 3HTummies : Enjoy, guys!

    Elin : You're lucky because you can easily get this in Ipoh!

    Ann : I have to make this! Really craving for it at this moment.

    Von : Hope you will like it!

    Cheah : $1.50 only! So cheap! If not mistaken, they're selling this at $2.00. Frankly, it still worth it cause this involved so much work. lol!

    Sonia : Hope you will like this too!

    Claudia : Thank you very much!

    Gert : Jeannie also saying the same thing!

    Emily : Thanks! ^_^

    Claudia : I know you're salivating there! haha...

    Lyndz : Thanks! If I can find this kind of pastry here then I'll save up the time. haha... Yes, so much work involved.

    Alice : Haha... how to get rid of him? Probably, you can get him some 'play doh'!

    Mary : I understand you've been extremely busy these days. Just take care and stay in touch. OK!

    Tigerfish : Then have to go 'yum cha'. lol! ^_^

    Andrea : Haha... that would be my hubby & the kids!

    Hayley : Thanks alot!

    Biren : So remember to order this on your next trip to the restaurant ya!

    Jeannie : Gert also saying the same thing. Actually, where's about in Petaling street?

    Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments and nice words. It's a great pleasure for having you here with me. Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend & enjoy your X'mas shopping!
    Cheers, Kristy

  24. Love char siu bao...And eating it in pastry sounds wonderful too...!

  25. kristy,i salute you and i wish you a wonderful week-end,like your wonderful recipe!love your presentation step -by- step!

  26. What a great combination. This looks really wonderful and I'm sure it is delicious. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  27. wow...what a combination of flavors you have going on there!! It sounds absolutely delicious!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your creation with us!

  28. oh wow how good does this look, going to NYC soon will look for it in China Town, hugs to you Kristy love that you want this to be a record for your future generations you cook amazingly it will be a record for us all


  29. Kristy, this looks so delicious! Rather like a pot pie...with a sweet crust!

  30. I miss this! Can you please move to melb and be my neighbour?

  31. Cooking Gallery : Thanks alot!

    Alison : I guess this won't be available in Romania. Hope I can share some with you.

    Mary : You too & thank you!

    Chef Dennis : You're welcome! Am glad you like it too.

    Rebecca : Hope you'll have a great time there & safe trip. Enjoy!

    Barbara : This is just the way I wanted ! And glad you like it too.

    Penny : Haha.... you're kidding, aren't you?

    Thank you all for spending your weekend with me and hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.
    Have fun and enjoy the X'mas shopping!
    Cheers, Kristy

  32. Yum! All your recipes sound so great and so different from the things I make here, which is why I love reading your blog!

  33. Your incredible patience and dedication to your art is amazing. Yes, it does seem like a lot of work. I have some traditional recipes like this too. It really depends on how much you crave your attachments to great tasty memories ;o)

    Great recipe Kristy.

    Ciao for now,

  34. That recipe looks wonderful! You really went all out on this one.

  35. These little chicken treats look so tasty! Look like lots of work, but definitely worth it.

  36. Kristy thanks for sharing such lovely recipes! 'Char Siew Sou is a new but a very delicious recipe which I want to try now! You are a food fairy dear!

  37. Kristy I have never eaten this before, but it does remind me of something called Pang Susi, a sweet potato based bun with a sweet and salty meat filling that Portuguese descended Eurasians in Singapore and Malaysia like to make. Have you heard of these?


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