Moist & Rich Pumpkin Mantou With Guava Paste

I live in a place where we have only summer the whole year long and a short fake autumn. Our fall is about by the end of the year or before Chinese New Year, where the rubber trees begun to stop producing the latex and the leaves of these trees will became brown and fall off immediately after that. The plantation workers will have to stop rubber tapping the trees for about one to two months time. But before that happened, we're expecting more rains and it's quite windy at the same time right now. Though, we can still have pumpkins at anytime.... yeap, no season or whatever!

And here's my hearty steamed pumpkin mantou to join in the crowds.

Ingredients for Pumpkin Dough :

250gm flour
1 tspn baking powder
200gm mashed pumpkin
5 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp olive oil
40ml lukewarm water
1 tspn yeast
* extra flour for dusting
* 1/3 cup guava paste, diced

Method :
(1) combine water and yeast , set aside for 5 mins.
(2) place flour, sugar baking, powder and mashed pumpkin in a big mixing bowl.
(3) stir yeast mixture into dry ingredients and mix to form a soft dough.
(4) add in the olive oil and knead to combine.
(5) leave to rest for 30 mins before shaping.

(6) flatten the dough, spread the diced guava paste on and roll it up like a swiss roll.
(7) divide into 6 portion and place them to the greaseproof paper.
(8) finally, steam for 10 mins over high heat.

The dough is quite moist and soft. Must handle with care. ^_^

Oh Boy! The smell of pumpkin is so strong and amazing. And an extra sweetness from the melting guava paste is absolutely fantastic..... Just imagine to have these in your hearty creamy soup. Yummm.....


  1. Oh, am I the first to comment? Kristy, u're full of creativity. I've not seen this type of Mantou. Bet it tastes good!

  2. I simply adore how the sweets are cooked differently around the world. I have never steamed anything sweet. I do not know if I would trade with you for your weather. I love my four seasons, and am looking forward towards the snow!

  3. Kristy Just popped in before getting ready for work, lunches are already made and my hot coffee is in my hand! I would like one of these please! I knew you'd do something great with the guava paste! They looks so delecate and moist and yummy!

    We pretty much have summer-like weather all year too. Our rainy season is in the summer where the heat brings afternoon showers. The winter dries out a little more and we cool down to around 80 F. We just had an early cold snap where we set several records for low temps, but we should be back to in the 80's by the weekend. No snow here, which is fine by me. (I always hear people complain about the heat, not me though, that's why I live in Florida)

    Have a good night!

  4. amazing Kristy!! I love man tau pau-s very much!

  5. Oh..another new creation! Great combo with the combination of pumpkin and guava paste. Can keep one for me please ;D

  6. Kristy, I am curious about the guava paste, never try it b4. Pumpkin and guava, such an interesting combination, Creative Queen!

  7. Wow, guava paste, that's new! I wonder where can I get that. Pumpkin mantou looks wonderful , will try this out. :)

  8. veramente eccezionale questa ricetta, complimenti!!!!

  9. You really can make great steamed buns, these really look delicious with the guava paste and the pumpkin gives them a very nice colour.

  10. Kristy, these look amazing! Another yummy creation. I envy that you have such a long growing season. We're just about done growing things here.. only things left are carrots, snow peas and some other leftovers...!

  11. These pumpking mantou looks wonderful! Very creative! I wonder what the guava paste taste like. I've never tasted it and I've not seen it here.

  12. Those yellow pumpkin mantous looks gorgeous. So soft!

  13. I've had plain ones before but never with pumpkin and guava. Love it!

  14. Those look very interesting and delicious! I love the cooking method.



  15. Ooooh, delicious, and imagine if you made pumpkin soup to go with it? Your family are soooooooo lucky to have you daaahling!
    *kisses* HH

  16. I love how so much of your food is steamed -leaving it moist and light.The pumpkin aroma must have made you impatient to eat! I will be craving your weather next month!

  17. These look wonderful! The surprise of guava pasta inside is fun. Lucky you to have summer all year long!

  18. I'm not a big fan of pumpkin, but your pumpkin mantou looks very tempting leh!!
    Have a nice day ya!

  19. I love the unique use of pumpkin and the guava paste is a great idea. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  20. I love this steamed version of a pumpkin bread-what sweet treat. i would love it. My family would love it too.

    I enjoy guava paste and i think it is an interesting flavor pairing with pumpkin-wow!

    Stay dry.

  21. I never heard of these before Kristy! They sure do look delicious! Wish I could try one.

  22. Kristy, how many man tou that you made with this recipe? Think of wanna give it a try too. :)

  23. another yummy creation,kristy,another new ingredients,never heard about guava past.

  24. Oh...that is interesting! But it is kind of difficult to get these ingredients in Melbourne...

  25. So creative, making pumpkin the idea of the guava paste...great combination Kristy :-)

  26. Shirley : Thanks. I don't think these are available at any store yet!

    Jelena : I love cold weather too and I also like snowing but only in short run! I hated it if I can't sweat probably. I'll fall sick!

    Lyndz : Thanks! I know how busy you are and really appreciate that you're willing to spend a little of your time here. Be careful, don't you spill your coffee! haha... Well, I love the morning sun the most, less heaty and I feel more energetic.

    Claire : I know I know! Just be a little patient! ^_^

    Ann : Don't worry, I will!

    Jess : It's my first time also! I'm not sure if you can get guava paste in S'pore or not! Because it was sent to me from US.

    Bee : Hi welcome to my humble little space. Glad that you like this recipe too. Try to add in extra flour if the dough is too sticky and remember do not over proof the dough. Hope you will like it and also hope to hear from you more often.

    Betty : Hi there, welcome to my little space. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Jeannie : Oh yes, the pumpkin flavour is so strong and you just want to chew & chew & keep chewing the bun.

    Kumi : I want to plant something too if I have an empty land. How's your harvest?

    Biren : I don't have the guava paste here as well! I got those from a very nice foodie friend from US. Are you living in US then I'm sure you can get it over there as well!

    Cheah : I feel great trying something new! And I think this is quite an outstanding flavour. Strong & delicious!

  27. Belinda : Thanks!

    Rosa : Thank you and yes, it's a soft soft bun!

    HH : Oh yes, just imagine that! *Slurp*

    Claudia : I guess you don't mind if I mess up your kitchen, right! ^_^

    Karen : Isn't it funny! When you've four seasons but you want summer! And we have whole year of summer and we prefer chilling weather. haha...

    Hayley : I like it hot... just like those birthday buns!

    Bridgett : You're welcome and glad you like it too. Enjoy!

    Velva : Oh how lovely! You love guava paste as well! I got the guava paste from a US foodie friend.

    Reeni : I'm sure you still have plenty pumpkins in your kitchen after the Halloween! Well, no harm to try once. ^_^

    Litle Inbox : This recipe only be able to produce 6 buns! Enjoy & have fun! Hope you will like it as well.

    Alison : Thanks! I don't have it here either. Lyndz sent it to me all the way from US.

    Zoe : Which ingredients? All of them???

    Thanks everyone for all your sweet & nice comments. It's a great pleasure for having you here with me. Hope you're all having a fabulous day and enjoy the recipe.

    Cheers, Kristy

  28. Kristy..this is awesome and you are so creative too in all your cooking and baking...:) Love this and I am going try this out when I am off duty :)

  29. Wow when we went to Hawaii we had something similiar for breakfast there and I loved them cant wait to see if I could make them love guava anything!

  30. I love everything pumpkin-these look and sound great!

  31. hi, i didnt know the guava paste can be diced.i thought it's something like jam..i believe these are imported ones, cant get it here,right?

  32. Elin : Wish you luck!

    Claudia : Oh wow, you had this before!

    Abbey : Thanks! Guess, you won't have time for this. hehe...

    Quay Po Cooks : Hi there, welcome to my humble little space. Glad you like this recipe. Enjoy and have fun! Hope to hear from you more often.

    Lena : Yeah you're right about the guava paste! It's packed in block like butter.

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments and it's a great pleasure for having you here. Hope you're all having a fabulous day.

    Cheers, Kristy

  33. Wow this looks absolutely amazing! great job!

  34. this is extraordinary matou! so special!

  35. I always leave ur blog with something , the desire to have this eliciousness in my kitchen too, i have so muc bookmarked from ur blog and hope to try it soon too!

  36. This is such a creative use for the pumpkin! I bet it was delicious!

  37. Dimah : Thank you. Hope you'll like it!

    Tigerfish : Very flavourful! Have a bite! ^_^

    Mia : Hi Darling, nice to see you around. Hope you will like them. Looking forward to your yummy posts.

    Peggy : Hi there, welcome to my humble little space. Glad that you like this too. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Thank you everyone for your sweet sweet comments and thanks for spending your valueable time with me. Hope you're all having a fabulous day.

    Cheers, Kristy

  38. Coming here for the first time and in love already! Guava and pumpkin? Put a fork in me now. I grew up eating pastelitos de guayaba but never made the dough of pumpkin. New task for the month. Thanks for that and nice *meeting* you

  39. Simply delicious and healthy!^-^ Have a nice day!

  40. Ooo, yummmy...I never thought of combining pumpkin and guava.

  41. Pumpkin all year? How lovely would that be??
    I do love guava so I'd love to try these. They look gorgeous! I've never had matou.....this is why I love visiting you.

  42. Like the idea of summer all year, except without the rain. These look scrumptious.

  43. ces petits pains me font saliver ils doivent être excellents
    avec toi on est sûr de se régaler
    bonne soirée

  44. Very nice Kristy! So pretty and a new way to enjoy my beloved pumpkin :)

  45. This really sounds interesting and your rolls look gorgeous. I've bookmarked this one to try. I love to try new ways to prepare sweets and breads and I love pumpkin. I hope all is well. Hugs and blessings...Mary

  46. Hi,

    That looks absoultely divine...OMG..:)

  47. Really interesting about your lack of seasons, bit too seasonal here at the moment, 120 kph winds!!

    Your mantou look delicious.

  48. wow,looks great!. have a nice week end!!

  49. That's pumpkin buns look so yummy. The guava paste and pumpkin flavor combo sounds great! I love sweet buns

  50. I am writing down the recipe to try. I actually wanted to make some with goji berries long time ago, but kept forgetting about getting a butternut squash.
    Thanks, Kristy. :-))

  51. Very creative! I didn't know about the fake autumn, interesting!

  52. I've never eaten mantou, though they do look delicious. You said something about having them in soup?

    We have a bit more of a season change here, not extreme though. And, right now there are guavas. I've been wanting to make a paste with them.


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