Berry Spiced Cake Pops

It has been a hectic week! Gosh, I need to sit down and have a nice cup of coffee with some delightful treat infront of me right now. How I wish there's a maid here asking me : "m'dm, do you want tea or coffee for your afternoon treat....scones or muffins....or a nice slice of cake???" Yeap, I am day dreaming again. HAHAHA..... Well, when you're craving for something sweet & homemade, it doesn't always mean that you'll have to bake or spending long hours in the kitchen for something delicious. Try something fast...something like cake pops! Also a perfect way for clearing up all the leftover cakes.

Now what I'm going to do is to finish off the leftover spiced boysenberry cake that I made the other day, by transforming into something alluring.

Ingredients :
1/3 spiced berry cake
200gm cream cheese frosting
250gm chocolate bar, chopped in pcs
50gm white chocolate bar, chopped in pcs

Method :
(1) mashed cake in fine nice crumb.
(2) add in cream cheese frosting and mix untill combined.
(3) then shape them into balls and keep refrigerated for 10 mins.
(4) melt both chocolate bars in different sauce pan over double boiler.
(5) coat each cake balls with melted chocolate.
(6) then ganache the top with melted white chocolate.

But I ganache mine with peppermint icing frosting. Tasted really yummy!

Ingredients for peppermint forsting :
1/3 cup icing sugar
2 tspn peppermint extract/oil
(combine all and mix well, transfer the mixture to a pipping bag)

Oooo... at last, I can sit down and enjoy these with my cup of coffee. this is heavenly.
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And guys, don't forget about the GIVEAWAYS ! Maybe it's your lucky day.
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