Loquat Tea @ 'Pei Pa'.....And The Giveaways Result!

Does anyone came across something like this before? This is actually dried loquat flower which also called as 'pei pa' flower in Chinese. I bought this at the night market on my last trip to KL. I know most of you already heard of the name 'pei pa' candies or cough syrup but not tea. Loquat is believed to have such effect as soothing throat.

I remember I've seen fresh loquat fruits available at the supermarket some time ago but just not sure what it was! I will definitely keep my eyes on them for the next time. I am very much looking forward to make some loquat jam. Probably will be available somewhere around November to January!

Ingredients :
50gm dried loquet flower/'pei pa' flower
4 cups of water
4 tbsp honey

Method :
(1) place 4 cups of water to a pot and bring it to boil.
(2) add in 50gm dried loquat flower (rinsed & drained), let it simmer for 5 ins over medium heat.
(3) and then serve lukewarm with some honey.
(loquat tea, healty drinks)


Finally, here we are! It's the announcement day. First of all, I would like to thank you for your kind comments and participation. I am sure you are all eager to find out who is the lucky two here.

The winners are......
(1) Ann @ Cooking Healthy For Me (Overseas)
(2) Alice Law @ My Little Sprouts (Local)

Congratulations ladies! Please kindly send me your mailing address as soon as possible.
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