Wholewheat Vegetarian Char Siew Steamed Bun

It's rainy season again! What other better food to enjoy on this kind of weather? Something warm and comforting, of coz. Remember, I had something similar to this wholewheat steamed bun a week back. My neighbour bought it from somewhere (vegetarian shop) and gave me a packet of it. My boy loves it so much that he requested me to make this for him. So, here are they.....straight from the kitchen of My Little Space.

Ingredients :

Starter Dough
100ml lukewarm water
2-1/2 tspn yeast
1 tbsp sugar
130gm flour

**Main Dough
320gm flour
70gm wholewheat bran
100gm sugar
1/4 tspn salt

100ml water, room temperature
2 tspn baking powder
1/2 tspn vinegar

2 tbsp shortening

Method : Please refer here. 
 (it's best to let the dough rest for an extra few more mins before steaming if room temperature lower than 30'C)

This kind of vegetarian BBQ meat can be easily found at any cold storage and is inexpensive at all. Hope you will love it too!

Ingredients for Vegetarian Char Siew Fillings :
250gm   vegetarian char siew, cut in shreds
3 tbsp   cooking oil
5-6 tbsp   sugar
1 tspn   dark soy sauce
1/3 cup   light soy sauce
*thickening : 1/4 cup water + 1 tspn corn starch

Method :
(1) preheat frying pan with cooking oil.
(2) stir in vegetarian char siew and saute till well coated with oil.
(3) add in all other ingredients and simmer till thickened.
(4) off the heat once it's ready and leave to cool completely before use. (best to keep refrigerated)


  1. i have just had Char Siew Pau but definitely not as good as yours

  2. muy exquisito el relleno,son adorables,me encanta,abrazos grandes.

  3. You made it healthier using wholewheat bran! :)

  4. Now that's a unique char siu bao! They look pretty darn good.

  5. These are healthy buns I like!

  6. this sound so healthy, long time i did not make pau, will try soon. But i prefer the real char siew rather than vegetarian type ^^

  7. btol tu:)dalam cuaca sejuk begini sedap jika dapat makan pau panas dan kopi O pekat:)hmmmm yum yum

  8. 哇,很健康的包子呢^^

  9. Same thought that's why i had steamed mung bean baos for two days already. Today also is a rainy day at my place too.

  10. hehee...after the mooncake festival, we must eat more healthy food like this. Thanks for sharing Kristy.

  11. Kristy...this is so healthy ...like the pau skin but I prefer the real bbq meat coz WB doesn't like the vegan type :p thanks I shall try this...gosh my list is getting longer and don't really know which to bake first. I still have your tag post to do leh :p

  12. Kristy, the steamed pao is so healthy! I love it as much as the one with meat :)

  13. Daaaahling, you are most definitely the bun queen! This is another batch of beauties!
    *kisses* HH

  14. Love the whole wheat steamed buns...they look just a pretty as you white ones. I want to grab one off the screen and eat it right now!

    Have a great week Kristy!


  15. really like to have these for my breakfast tomorrow, the texture looks great!!

  16. I love your blog. Your steamed breads are delicious!

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  18. How cool using a whole wheat flour for the char siu bao...
    Hope you are having a fantastic week :-)

  19. Haven't tried making pau with wholewheat flour ... should be nutritious and I love 'chai char siew' pau.

  20. Should let my mom know this recipe..later on during the 9emperor celebration, she's on 9 days vegetarian.


  21. I have been doing research on how to make these. Thanks for posting!

  22. Kristy, those are beautiful! What a great idea to use whole wheat. And the filling looks delicious.
    Happy middle-of-the-week!

  23. Wow....this makes my eyes grow big and my jaws drop....haha. Looks so delicious...soft and healthy. Kristy, you are just amazing. Anything your kids love to eat, you can come out with it almost immediately. Truly salute you! :D Hope you continue to have lots of fun cooking and baking.

  24. This is definitely a healthier way to eat char siew pau. Kristy, how lucky your kids are to have a talented cook and baker mummy. By the way, how was the box of taco shells? All broken or not? hehe

  25. o yeah..Kristy, you had me crave for some Dimsum now! Those wholewheat bau look mouthwatering!

  26. All your wonderful buns and breads always make me want to take a bite right out of my laptop... Your son is very lucky!

  27. Kathy : thanks for your nice words.

    Rosita : Muchas gracias. me alegro de verte alrededor

    tigerfish : hope you will like it too!

    Belinda : thanks!

    Edith : thanks!

    Sonia : am trying to cut down the intake of meat. Should practise the youngsters the eating habit once awhile!

    CM : kopi~O! Adoi, bagus~ler.

    鱼鱼 : thanks! Noted.

    WaiKitt : It's rainy season.lol!

    Elin : hehe...poor WB!

    Ah Tze : thanks! Yeah, I know you're one of those can't live without meat. keke....

    HH : Thanks, darling!

    Penny : Well, you should try it some day.

    Lyndz : I hoep you can too! hehe....

    Lena : thanks!

    Ratita : hi there, welcom to my humble little space. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Dave : Hi there, thanks for visiting and I would love to join in eRecipe cards as well. Thanks so much for your invitation.

    divya : thanks!

  28. Juliana : thanks and hope you will like it too.

    Cheah : I love it as well and it easier to make. Not so many process.lol!

    Angeline : Hope your mom will like it too.

    Murasaki : You're welcome. Hoep you will love it. all the best!

    Barbara : You too! enjoy your day.

    Mary : So, do think you want to sell this bao too? hahaha....

    Veron : hey, thanks so much for your lovely words. Have yet open up the box. Npt sure it's all broken or not! Will try it out this weekend. thanks again for everythign dear.

    Angie : haha... I'm sure you've no need to go to any dimsum restaurant. You've the best one at home!

    Liz : Thanks. Hope you'll love it.

    Andrea : great to see you around, dear. And glad you love it too.

    Hanushi : Thanks!

    Thanks everyone for visiting and spending your valueable time here with me. As always, truly happy to see you all. Hope you're all having fabulous day and a great weekend as well.

    Blessings, Kristy

  29. I really enjoy steamed buns. Anytime we visit a urban city we always check out a good place to enjoy Asian food, especially to pick up steamed buns for lunch.


  30. It is a very delicious healthy comfy food !

  31. wow never heard of a wholemeal bao! great effort trying to make this favourite snack more healthy!

  32. Oh my god, there is a great deal of helpful data above!

  33. Yee Ling : It's actually 2 and a half teaspoon. Thank you for stopping by.

  34. Love the whole wheat steamed buns...they look just a pretty as you white ones. I want to grab one off the screen and eat it right now! Have a great week Kristy! Lyndsey


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