Sun Dried Tomato Mooncake Biscuit

Gosh, here comes the mid autumn festival! This year the mooncake festival is fall on the 12th of September, Monday. Just imagine how time flies! Remember I made quite a number of goodies for the celebration on last year..... for example, Bamboo charcoal & cinnamon baked mooncake, chilled mooncake, jelly mooncake, shanghai mooncake and also fruity mooncake biscuits. So far, mooncake biscuit has the biggest request and am planning to make some more this year. Come on, let's join in for some fun!

Ingredients for pastry crust :
430gm all purpose flour/HK flour
1/4 tspn baking soda
250ml golden syrup/ honey
110ml peanut oil
1 tspn alkaline/lye water

Method :
(1) combine syrup, oil and alkaline water into a big bowl.
(2) mix well and then leave aside for an hour.
(3) next stir in flour & baking soda, mix to combine and again leave aside for another hour.
(4) finally, divide into sizes as desired and wrap in the fillings.
(5) then mould out the shape and place it to the baking tray.
(6) brush with egg glazing and bake at preheated oven 170'C for 10 mins.
(7) remove tray from oven and brush on egg glazing for the 2nd time.
(8) again bake for another 10mins at 160-170'C or untill golden brown.

There's 2 sizes for this mould and mine is the largest one.

Ingredients for Sun Dried Tomato Fillings :
500gm lotus paste
1 cup sun dried tomato, roughly chopped
2 pieces preserved kumquat, roughly chopped
3 tbsp roasted sesame seeds
(combine all ingredients and mix well to form a soft dough, then divide into the size as desired)
#the ratio for wrapping the dough is 50:50, meaning if you used 20gm of filling then the dough should be 20gam as well.

The manual moulding went pretty neat and nice. Yet, I still prefer to use the mooncake stamping mould. It's easier and quicker.

But turned out quite blur....due to longer heating time! I'm still not quite familiar with my new oven. Need some time to get along with it. :o)

#I'm sending this to Suresh & Shaz @ Muhibbah Malaysian Monday.


  1. I'm first Kristy! You're so creative and I think you're the first person make sun dried tomato mooncake. Looks very delicious and healthy. Good Job!

  2. Kristy, as always, a great-looking treat!! Wish I could have one with my tea right now... :-)

  3. sounds delicious and look pretty, i love your mold! gloria

  4. I love the pretty mould and the recipe sounds delicious. Diane

  5. These look so good and I think you should sell them! The flavour is definitely much better than some of the really odd ones that are around! :)

  6. Wow! This is a great twist to the traditional mooncake. Sun dried tomatoes with lotus paste...I wonder how this combination would taste.

  7. I just had my first ever mooncake in Seattle (bean curd filling - very tasty) but as a savory person - I am yearning for your sun-dried tomato version.

  8. Your mooncakes are nicely brown. In your pastry crust you are using golden syrup. Can I replace with corn syrup?

  9. So beautiful and such a delicious looking idea!


  10. 这个蛮特别的哦

  11. These are beautiful, you must hv really love tomatoes, me too!^^

  12. This one definetely my favourite!

  13. Your mooncake looks good and evenly brown. I had a cute triple award waiting for you at my blog.

  14. I also wonder how does it taste? must be very tasty,right?

  15. Kristy, looks like u've got something interesting cooking here again. Mmmm.... looks good! Btw, I haven't seen your 7 links so did I missed?

  16. Kristy!!! mana nak beli acuan ni?nak sangat buat kuih ni:)

  17. wow delicious cake,u have done it perfectly...

  18. Courier some for me please, I just curious how it taste! You are so creative.

  19. You always bake the most beautiful mooncakes! These are lovely, and the filling is very unusual. I am sure this is delicious!
    *kisses* HH

  20. Gorgeous. I'm so jealous of those of you who can get your hands on lotus paste!

  21. Such a fun shape and gorgeous color. One day I'll have to try a mooncake.

  22. you got a new oven?!! i'm jealous now, haha!! you forever so innovative with all your bakes!! Salute!!

  23. Anncoo : Congrats, you're the first! But no prize is given. hahaha.... Just blaughing. Great to see you here, Ann. You're always a super cool blogger.

    Kak Dewi : Thank you very much!

    Kumi : Oooo...hope I could just send you some too! Poor dear.

    Gloria : Thanks!

    Diane : Glad you like it too!

    Sylvia : Don't you think mine is pretty odd too! hahaha....

    Zoe : Strange but yummy! Well, that's what I have to say. hehe...

    Claudia : Oh great, finally you got to taste the festive goodies.

    Vivian : yes, of course you can or you may use honey too!

    Miriam : Thank you so much!

  24. 鱼鱼 : I have not much choices here. This is the only mould I found other than those mini size mooncake moulds. :o)

    Alice : haha... I was quite curious about the sun dried tomato mixing in my dough but good that it turns out quite nice.

    Hayley : Thanks and glad you like it too.

    Amelia : Thank you so much for including me in the award. I am honoured to have it. Really appreciate it.

    Wai Kitt : pretty interesting though!

    Shirley : I think you just found the 7 links! hehe...

    CM : you can get this mould either at the hardware shop or bakery specialty shop. Not expensive at all.

    Premalatha : Thanks very much, dear.

    Sonia : Thanks! I still trying to catch up with my baking but always so busy lately. Hopefully can send some out soon.

    HH : I'm sure you will like them!

    Murasaki : If you can't find any lotus paste just try something with mung bean paste. Taste as good.

    Barbara : Ooo... that's sounds pretty cool! I'm looking forward to it. :o)

    Lena : 'pai seh'! Thanks so much for your lovely words.

    Thanks everyone for your kind & lovely comments. I am more than happy to see you guys stopping by and leaving a few lines. Nothing is better than that!
    Hope you're all having a fabulous day too! God bless you all.
    Blessings, Kristy

  25. What a fusion filling for the mooncakes!
    Love the shape too.

  26. I love your mold, Kristy! And what an interesting savory filling...

  27. Oh Kristi, aren't they just delightful! You always serve the most inspiring delectables.

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  28. Hi Kristi! So THAT'S what the mold is for! I'm SO excited! This looks delicious and I hope you enjoy the festival!

  29. Look at those sundried tomato mooncakes! The flavor combination always impress me. Love it!

    Enjoy the festival/holiday.


  30. Kristy, as always love your mooncakes...this one is such a unique flavor. I just wich I could try on in person! The Asian store right by me had some mooncakes in the other day, $18.00 for four of them.

    Don't work too hard!

  31. Kristy...the great sifu of bakes :) this is so nice..sun dried tomatoes are really creative :)

  32. Wow, Kristy, you're so creative. I've never thought of using sundried tomatoes as filling.

  33. this is real creative and muhibah.

  34. hey kristy!, first time seeing a savory moon cake, and quite an unusual combination too. doesnt matter if you havent got the hang of the oven, still looks pretty good

  35. Your moon cakes are beautiful, Kristy, and the sun dried tomato filling sounds delicious. It's hard to believe that autumn is almost here.

  36. That's very creative Kristy...sun dried tomato and kumquat filling! I think I need to pay you a visit real soon. No mooncakes for me this year :(

  37. You have a great collection of molds Kristy!

  38. Kristy, only you can come up with such a unique flavor. I can imagine the sweet taste of the lotus paste combine with the sourish taste of the sundried tomatoes. Great combinations.

  39. Hi Ladies,

    Really sorry for my late reply. There was something came up. However, glad you ladies enjoy this kind of biscuit as well. It's something fun to enjoy.

    Have a fabulous day!

    Blessings, Kristy ((hugs))


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