The 7 Links Challenge

Guess what? I've been tagged for the 7 links challenge more than a week ago but still scratching my head to finalize this post. Yeap, it's definitely the most challenging post ever. But before that I've to thank Veronica @ Quay Po Cooks and Shirley @ Welcome To Shirley's Luxury Haven! for including me. Phew..... let me see, what I've here.

(1) The Most Beautiful Post :

Maybe some of you may think Old Fashion Strawberry Butter Icing Cake is the most beautiful post here but NOT for me! The most beautiful post has to be Rainbow Wonder Loaf because it was from the inspiration of passion which lead me to this. It is also my favourite post.

Don't you think simple is beautiful !

(2) The Most Popular Post : Traditional Ma Lai Go @ Malay Cake
# This is the most popular post untill up to date and also my favourite kind of kuih or cake, but not exactly my favourite post. And this is also the most challenging recipe Ive ever tried.

(3) The Most Controvesial Post : Not sure ! Please do let me know if you think I have one !

(4) The Most Successful Post : Crispy Skin Chiken
#This was chosen as my most successful post because the chicken turns out 100% perfect eventhough it's my first attempt. Well, first thing first....have to thank the fantastic weather. It was a sunny hot day and the chicken skin was perfectly dried out before roasting.

(5) The Post That Did Not Get The Attention It deserved :
Spinach Steamed Bun With Sweet Corn Custard
#This is a very healthy and delicious recipe I've ever tried out but too bad it didn't get much attention indeed.

(6) The Post I Most Proud Of : Roxanna
# This is definitely the one I most proud of ! This post was specially dedicated to Roxanna, a food blogger buddy from Foodbuzz who didn't owned a site nor camera and still have such passion to write in all her recipes.

Oatmeal Cake

Crispy Lemon Fried Chicken

(7) The Most Helpful Post : Homemade Soybean Milk & Milk Yoghurt
# I supposed this is the most detail and also infomative post so far, which is pretty helpful to most of you out there. Hope youu will like it as well.

So now, to keep the challenge going~ I would like to tagged the following blogger buddies to join in for some fun. Don't be stressed out~ just do whatever you like and have fun.
(1) Elin @ Elin's Tidbits Corner
(2) Lyndz @ The Tiny Skillet
(3) Megan @ Foodalution
(4) Gertrude @ My Kitchen Snippet
(5) Taste Hong Kong
(6) Sutapa @ Tips For Delicious & Healthy Cooking
(7) Cathy @ Wives With Knives

Before ending this post, I would like to draw your attention to this fellow blogger named Jennie. She just lost her husband recently and need our help desperately. For further information, please go to A Fund For Jennie or here.
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