The 7 Links Challenge

Guess what? I've been tagged for the 7 links challenge more than a week ago but still scratching my head to finalize this post. Yeap, it's definitely the most challenging post ever. But before that I've to thank Veronica @ Quay Po Cooks and Shirley @ Welcome To Shirley's Luxury Haven! for including me. Phew..... let me see, what I've here.

(1) The Most Beautiful Post :

Maybe some of you may think Old Fashion Strawberry Butter Icing Cake is the most beautiful post here but NOT for me! The most beautiful post has to be Rainbow Wonder Loaf because it was from the inspiration of passion which lead me to this. It is also my favourite post.

Don't you think simple is beautiful !

(2) The Most Popular Post : Traditional Ma Lai Go @ Malay Cake
# This is the most popular post untill up to date and also my favourite kind of kuih or cake, but not exactly my favourite post. And this is also the most challenging recipe Ive ever tried.

(3) The Most Controvesial Post : Not sure ! Please do let me know if you think I have one !

(4) The Most Successful Post : Crispy Skin Chiken
#This was chosen as my most successful post because the chicken turns out 100% perfect eventhough it's my first attempt. Well, first thing first....have to thank the fantastic weather. It was a sunny hot day and the chicken skin was perfectly dried out before roasting.

(5) The Post That Did Not Get The Attention It deserved :
Spinach Steamed Bun With Sweet Corn Custard
#This is a very healthy and delicious recipe I've ever tried out but too bad it didn't get much attention indeed.

(6) The Post I Most Proud Of : Roxanna
# This is definitely the one I most proud of ! This post was specially dedicated to Roxanna, a food blogger buddy from Foodbuzz who didn't owned a site nor camera and still have such passion to write in all her recipes.

Oatmeal Cake

Crispy Lemon Fried Chicken

(7) The Most Helpful Post : Homemade Soybean Milk & Milk Yoghurt
# I supposed this is the most detail and also infomative post so far, which is pretty helpful to most of you out there. Hope youu will like it as well.

So now, to keep the challenge going~ I would like to tagged the following blogger buddies to join in for some fun. Don't be stressed out~ just do whatever you like and have fun.
(1) Elin @ Elin's Tidbits Corner
(2) Lyndz @ The Tiny Skillet
(3) Megan @ Foodalution
(4) Gertrude @ My Kitchen Snippet
(5) Taste Hong Kong
(6) Sutapa @ Tips For Delicious & Healthy Cooking
(7) Cathy @ Wives With Knives

Before ending this post, I would like to draw your attention to this fellow blogger named Jennie. She just lost her husband recently and need our help desperately. For further information, please go to A Fund For Jennie or here.


  1. They all look very impressive. I'm always a great fan of your cooking.

  2. GREAT 7 links....Your cake truly is a beautiful post!

  3. Seven interesting links, I cannot think of anything controversial!! I will be trying the Spinach Steamed Bun With Sweet Corn Custard so I have noticed it :-)) Diane

  4. Hi Kristy,
    Delicious round up! My Diva rocks!

  5. oh dear, i was tagged too.. and i havent done it yet.. :)

  6. sei...making me hungry from looking at the post. I like the best is the crispy chicken post. amazing how you managed to make the chicken so crispy brown

  7. Well done on the 7 links! I need to buckle up and do mine too!

  8. Hermosa torta muy original,quiero un pequeño trozo,está muy tentadora,abrazos.

  9. So fun - I am really loving these 7 links posts. I was tagged two weeks ago ... I better get busy!! lol.

  10. I believe that my favourite is that wonder loaf.

  11. Oh thats rainbow wonder loaf look so interesting and fun! Kristy dear, I am bookmarking your purple sweet potato steamed bun. I never used any yeast in cooking yet so that will be a big obstacle that I must leap! But I am a big fan of sweet potatoes. Hopefully I can be confidant enough and start to familiarize with yeast.Spinach Steamed Bun looks good too.

  12. How fun. :) You really have many beautiful and memorable posts. Love all your creations.

  13. I totally enjoyed you 7 links post, Kristi. Such FUN!!!

    I don't believe anything controversial could come from such an enthusiastic food lover such as yourself.

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  14. yeah, i remember that rainbow loaf..havent seen something like this before, only from kristy, haha! love all your posts!! am still drooling over the chicken now...!

  15. Kristy..thanks for the include in this 7 links challenge, will try to do up the post as soon as I can. Love that Mai Lai Koh and that crispy skin chicken ! Thanks for reminding me of these two recipes :)

    Have a great weekend,

  16. Kristy, the crispy skin chicken is to die for! The rainbow wonder loaf is quite amazing too. I can imagine so many flavours commingling in my mouth. Great compilation post :)

  17. I don't think I could choose a favorite of yours. Each one makes me go...WOW!

  18. Thanks sweetie for the fun! I will get on it this week! I totally remember that rainbow bread from last year.... I was so amazing at how you did it! Have a beautiful weekend! xoxo megan

  19. What a wonderful collection of your recipes. You always amaze me with your talent in the kitchen!

  20. Yes, I remember your strawberry cake, a beautiful cake indeed. Thanks for tagging my blog, I shall see if there is a handsome post to show : ).

  21. A great 7 links Kristy, that wonder loaf is amazing and very beautiful I would have to agree :) I am going to have to check out the spinach steamed bun...

  22. My dear Kristy, you finally go to this. Great selection from you posts. I like the post you dedicate to Roxana, it shows your kindness to towards your fellow bloggers. I also like like your Ma Lai Go, really good ones are hard to find in the market nowadays. I will have to make this at home with your recipe. Thanks so much for bringing the attention to these 7 links of which I have missed. HUGS. BTW, there taco shell still not in stock yet, once they appear I will grab a box and courier to you:D

  23. The top few were my favourite posts too!!

  24. Kristy, just like Veron, my neck has stretched a long way. Hahaha! Finally is out! I'll spend some time going thru all your links yah. Hope I don't take as long as u do. Heehee! Just teasing u :)

  25. Hi Everyone,

    Thank you so much for visiting and spending your valueable time here with me. And also thanking you for your supports. My Little Space won't be here today without you guys! ((hugs)) & kisses. I am truly appreciate it.
    Hope you're all having a marvelous day or some of you may enjoying the evening. Have fun!

    Blessings, Kristy

  26. Kristy, what a nice job on your 7 links post. Yes...I still have to fo mine. I have been using my husbands computer some (quicker than mine) but at times it won't let me post a comment. I have always been amazed by your beautiful posts, and thanks to you I have kept at blogging!


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