Traditional 'Ma Lai Gao' @ Malay Cake

You know, I've been searching for this traditional recipe high and low for more than a year. But no one seems willing to share and some of them don't even know what is this! Luckily, I found it from a friend recently. I am very thankful to her for sharing this with me. Thank you so much, Apple Ong! Nowadays, it is so difficult to find this kind of traditional cake but will see them once in a while at the night market. 'Ma Lai Gao' in chinese is meaning Malay Cake. This recipe is actually came from the combination cuisine of the Chinese Steamed Cake and Malay Honey Comb Cake. As you know, Malaysia is a multi-racial country which directly or indirectly had influenced and produced the entirely new cuisine of their own. So, this is one of those wonderful cuisines of Malaysia. And I do admit that Malaysian enjoy eating very much!

Ingredients for Starter Dough :

1-1/2 tbsp sugar
70ml warm water
1 tspn yeast
150gm flour

- dissolve yeast and sugar into warm water for 10mins.
- then add in flour to form a dough and let proof for 12 hours.

Main Dough Ingredients :

starter dough
40gm high protein flour
1 tbsp milk powder
1-1/2tbsp custard powder
230gm brown sugar
5 large eggs
150ml oil
1-1/2 tspn baking powder
3/4 tspn baking soda
1 tspn dark soy sauce

Method :

- combine starter dough, flour, milk powder, custard powder, baking powder, baking soda & sugar together, mix well.

- beat in eggs, oil and 1 tspn dark soy sauce under low speed untill combined.
( encourage to hand mix)
- then leave to proof for 2-3hours.

- place thebatter to a 8" tray and leave to rest for an hour.
- finally, steam for 40 mins under high heat.

I am so so so...happy! Finally, have a chance to eat this kind of cake again. Even my kids had never take this before! I mean they do serve 'Ma Lai Gao' in some restaurants but those are not the one I'm looking for. They normally served Hong Kong Style 'Ma Lai Gao' and not this!

These cakes are so good looking, right! Sometimes, nice food take times! Remember, no short cut..he he!


  1. Oh, I had loved this cake when I visited Malacca! THank you for the recipe - I hope I can frind all the ingredients here in Paris.

  2. This Ma Lai Go looks interesting and I would like to try this traditional recipe! Thanks for posting Ma Lai Go!

  3. Ive never heard of this before, but it sounds awesome!

  4. I've never tried or heard of this before, but I would love to try it :)

  5. looks great Kristy have put a link on my blog to here lol Rebecca

  6. I am glad you found the recipe! I've never had this, though have had steamed chinese spongecake before, seems a little similar in texture.

  7. Laura : I guess it must be unforgetable!

    ILoveTaste : You're most welcome and glad that you like it too!

    Finsmom : Thanks!

    HHousewife : I bet you will like it as well!

    Rebecca : OK, got it!

    HungryDog : This one is much more better, dear! Hope you'll enjoy it!

  8. Something very new to me and it looks delicious! Would love to try it!

  9. This looks so yummy! I would love to try some too!

  10. 5SFoodie : Thank you so much for your comment!

    Reeni : Thank you so much for stopping by!

    Jess : Thanks for joining in and nice to meet you!

  11. Tried this kueh but unfortunately, I don't get those holes at the bottom....wonder what did I do wrong?:(

  12. I've not had this kind of ma lai ko in ages, the texture looks great!

  13. Jeannie - in my recipe, i add 2 tsp of Alkaline water to the mixture..that will probably give u the texture u want. U might also wanna try beating the eggs until its fluffy before adding the other ingredients as that will give it the air pockets whn u steam it.

  14. Tho this is not as colourful as your No. 1 link, I wouldn't mind trying this. With u making it, it must be good :)

    Ok, it's dinner time. Gotta go but I'll be back to read your 7 links!


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