Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Strawberry Chocolate Delight

I felt like celebration mood yesterday!! Nop, just enjoying my bakery thing, that's all ! My son was asking me to bake him a chocolate cake a few days ago. He loves strawberries and he loves chocolate. So, ended up making him this Strawberry Chocolate Delight. I love it as well and hope you will like it too.

Ingredients for Sponge :
5 eggs, separated
150gm icing sugar
1/2 tspn vanilla essence
30gm cocoa powder

- whisk egg white untill soft peak form.
- add in 100gm of icing sugar a little at a time untill sugar dissolves.
- in another bowl, beat egg yolk untill thick and creamy.
- then add in vanilla essence, the rest of icing sugar and cocoa powder.
- next fold the egg yolk mixture into egg white untill well blended.
- pour the batter into a swiss roll baking tray, lined with parchment paper.
- and bake for 20 mins at 185'c.
- once the sponge is ready; immediately loosen the edge.
- and gently remove the sponge over onto an aluminium foil.
- peel away the parchment paper as well and leave cool.
Cream Cheese Fillings :
250gm cream cheese, softened
150ml whipped cream
1/2 tspn vanilla essence
50gm white chocolate, grated
200gm fresh strawberries , cut small
extra grated dark chocolate for decoration
- beat cream cheese, whipped cream and vanilla essence untill soft.
- stir in grated white chocolate and leave aside.
Method :
- cut the cake into 3 equal layers.
- place an over size sheet of foil over a 9" loaf tray.
- place one layer of cake onto the tray.
- spread more or less one third of cream cheese mixture onto a layer of cake.
- then top with chopped strawberries.
- repeat the layering and ending with layer of cake.
- reserve the balance cream cheese mixture.
- fold the foil and wrap the cake nicely.
- chill the cake for one to two hours before spreading the top layer of cream mixture.
- then decorate with grated dark chocolate and strawberries.
- and icing sugar for dusting.
* It's best to chilled over night.
Hey, not bad huh!!! Actually, it tasted really really good. Not creamy at all! The cream cheese mixture became a little thicken like white chocolate after chilled and not too sweet as well. In addition, with fresh strawberries.!!
My son can't wait to have a slice of it. So, I have no choice! Just cut him a slice and then quickly keep it back to the fridge untill the next day.
I thought of taking a few shots in the next day but ended up taking nothing! Because everything just gone so fast! I don't even have a chance to take one shot of it.


Angie's Recipes said...

It's beautiful...."beautiful" is not even enough to describe it...stunning...yes, stunning chocolate delight!
Well done!

Angie's Recipes

Donna said...

This looks so very delicious. Id love to try some of this!

Vrinda said...

Wow wat a delicious dessert...liked all the ingredients in them..

Finsmom said...

This sounds amazing! Great idea!

Chow and Chatter said...

wonderful i bet he loved u!

Marta said...

This looks great! I'm sure it satisfied your son's sweet cravings!

pink said...

That is beautiful!

tastyeatsathome said...

Wow, a cake with no flour. Gluten-free! This looks so good!

Chef Fresco said...

Yum! Love the dark chocolate on top!

Mary said...

What a luscious dessert. I'll wager your son loved this. I know I would.

Lara said...

That looks totally amazing! I'm loving all the fresh looking layers.

Diana Bauman said...

This is amazing! I've never seen a cake like that before! I'm definitely printing this off!!

Tana said...

Sound like a nice, refreshing dessert. Have you made this before? Or you just came up with the idea and went with it?

CheapAppetite from foodbuzz

My Little Space said...

Tana : It's actually a mix and match thing. And it's my first attempt. It was crazy along the way..ha ha..but worth it! The chocolate topping it's an extra juz pops up in my mind to comes up something like this! ha ha. Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day!

BudgetBride said...

I'm drooling!

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