Strawberry Mille-Feuille

Red is for strawberries! Red is for hot! Red is for beautiful! Red is! Did I mentioned sexy?? Yeah, strawberries also = sexy !!! Do women need to stay sexy all the time? This question has been popping in and out of my mind all the time. Lately, there's a case regarding a lady has been warded due to silicon leakage in her breast. This happened when she was taking a flight for vocation. Then she ended up taking vocation in the hospital. And then there's another one died at the beautician centre after withdrawing fat from her body. Her body weight is only 50kg and she still wanted to withdraw fat. Oh my god, what is happening to these people? Some pregnant mothers purposely chose to cut open (I mean cesarean) instead of giving birth naturally, eventhough they can ! Nowadays, human just wanted to take advantage of the new technologies without thinking twice. In this world, nothing comes easy and there's no short cut. So is cooking! Right??

Alright, let's cook!
Ingredients :
2 sheets 9x13" pastry puff
some fresh strawberries, sliced
300ml whip cream
3 tbsp icing sugar

- bake the pastry puff sheet for 15-20 mins at 175'c.
- leave cool, then cut into small retangle shape.
- combine icing sugar and whip cream and mix untill thicken.
- decorate the pastry puff with whipped cream and strawberries as desire.
- icing sugar for dusting.

Sometimes, life can be so simple ! Like these strawberries mille-feuilli, just add in some cream and fruits and it tastes absolutely wonderful. Once, there's a monk told me : "We came with nothing and we go with nothing". So, we do not need to ask for more!


  1. This looks yumm! and sounds very easy.

  2. Hello Ann, welcome to my blog. Hope you will drop by more often.

  3. These look delicious. When I was a little girl we use to call these Napoleans. I could never figure out why.

  4. Easy and beautiful! My kind of dish!

  5. so simple yet so pleasing!

    yes, sometimes ppl want too much out of life. we shld just enjoy life's sweet simplicities :D

  6. Love delicious treat such as this one. I made the pastry using chocolate puff pastry, like yours, I also filled the pastry with creme chantilly. Delicious.

  7. Wow, yummy....
    Puff pastry with strawberry and cream is my daughter's favourite dessert. Every now and then she would ask me to cook this dessert for her.


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