Banana Cheesecake With Peanut Butter Frosting

Thousand apologies everyone! I know I've been pretty bad lately. Actually, I was busy taking care of my daughter and also some personal task. My girl is taking her final year examination which will only be ended in another 3 weeks time. While....I was busy preparing something nice for her. Even though I can't help much I still hope I can help her to release her tension by preparing her some really yummilicious food. And here's one of it....... banana cheesecake with peanut butter frosting! Have anyone of you ever tried banana cheesecake before? Honestly, I haven't! I have to tell you that I am falling in love with it immediately.

Here's what I did.

Ingredients for crust :
180gm    digestive biscuit, finely crushed
100gm    ground pistachio
100gm   butter, melted

Ingredients for fillings :
500gm   cream cheese
3 eggs
1 canned condensed milk
4 tbsp  honey
1/4 tspn  salt
1 lemon juice & zest
1 tspn  vanilla extract
3-4 bananas, mashed

Method :
(1) combine crushed biscuit, pistachio and butter in a bowl, stir to combine, then press it to a 9" spring foam tray and keep refrigerated for about 30mins or till set.
(2) next, combine cream cheese, eggs, condensed milk, honey, salt & vanilla into a big mixing bowl and then beat all ingredients at once till smooth & creamy.
(3) now, stir in mashed banana but do not over mixed.
(4) pour cream cheese mixture to the biscuit based pan and bake at preheated oven 170'C for about an hour or till nicely brown & set.
(5) once it's done, leave to cool completely before placing on the frosting & keep chilled overnight before serving.

Ingredients for peanut butter frosting :
250ml   whipping cream
250gm  peanut butter jam
(combine both ingredients and then whisk till it's set and ready for frosting)

#For non-dairy whipping cream : It's best to keep frozen the whole time. Then withdraw the quantity as required and let it rest for 10mins under room temperature before the whisking task cause it works better in this way while the cream is still chilled. 

#For dairy whipping cream : Dairy whipping cream is unlike non-dairy. It's not suitable to keep frozen. So, when using dairy whipping cream it's best to use some cold water with ice cube below the whisking bowl to keep the temperature as low as possible while whisking the cream.

The peanut butter frosting is amazing or you may add in some additional flavour by drizzle on some caramel sauce......hmmm...mmmm..... I can wallop a few slices of them in this way. I'm sure this sounds so really tempting to you too. I would suggest you to try this on the coming thanksgiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving to all ! Enjoy.


  1. Beautiful! I love cheesecake and this looks very yummy :)

  2. It looks dang rich and delectable. Peanut butter frosting is my husband's fav.

  3. I have been missing out-never had a banana cheesecake, but this is definitely something I have to change. It looks terrific and no doubt is creamy and delicious. Love the peanut butter frosting, nice touch to an awesome treat.

  4. Wow.. that looks delicious.!! Amazing clicks

  5. nice combination of flavors great job Kristy!

  6. I'm in love with this cake too at first sight...

    Got to bookmark this recipe!

    Good luck to your daughter. Hope that she will do well for her exams. This cake with great thoughts will definitely help to de-stress and boost her memory for her study.

  7. Really Rich cheese cake. I wish I can some now :) may I know how much condensed milk you are using? Thanks!

  8. This looks lovely Kristy! Hope everything is going well for you :)

  9. Banana and peanut butter are nice combo! Look so tempting and yummy!

  10. This looks pretty amazing and so sinful!

  11. I normally don't like frosting or cream on cake but you mentioned peanut butter didn't you? I will take it! I don't if it will work if it is 100% peanut butter with no whipped cream? ;p

  12. i can imagine how delicious a banana cheesecake is ..peanut butter frosting..that would be double delicious..! oh, this will definately add inches to my body but tell me, who can resist?

  13. Three in one, all my favorite. Luckily your cake is not on my table otherwise, you got to watch me like a hawk. Just blink your eyes, it will be gone! LOL!

  14. You are such a good mom! Hope things are going well for her, good luck! I don't eat much cheese cake, but I would not hesitate to take a bite of your banana cheese cake! It looks like perfect texture just the way I would like it.

    Have a wonderful weekend Kristy!


  15. That last close-up showed how splendid the cake it. As always - it's so beautifully presented. I just want to hire you and give up baking.

  16. What a fun recipe! I love bananas and peanut butter together! What a great mom you are to support your daughter with this delicious treat.

  17. Positively divine! What a beauty, and what an amazing combination of flavours!
    *kisses* HH

  18. yumm, can I have a slice of that? hope your daughter's exams went well. By the way whats peanut butter jam?

  19. What an incredible Mum you are! If this didn't help release the tension of final exams then I'm not entirely sure what would! Looks like a very special and delicious treat!

  20. That is some cheesecake and that too peanut butter frosting.

  21. I cannot choose which flavor I prefer the most in this cheesecake the banana or the peanut butter. It looks delicious!Good luck to your daughter and to you because I know you must be very anxious too!

  22. Kristy, everything you do is fabulous and I probably say this, all the time, since it is true. This is a beauty and we are featuring it on Let's Do Brunch. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  23. What a great flavour combination - cant wait to try this!

  24. What a delicious looking cheesecake , wish I could have a slice of it :).


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