Savory Steamed Taro Cake

I super love this savory steamed taro cake but don't make it often cause non of my family members like having it.... what I mean is my kids! Hubby likes it but not a big fan of it. So, I will have to think twice whenever I planned for one..... a really small portion one. :o(  Frankly, I don't really adored the southern part savory taro cake. They taste so different from the northern part. I prefer the cake in brighter colour. It looks more appetizing in this way. So, here's my dream cake.

Ingredients :
300gm   taro, cubed
1/2 cup   water
1-1/2 cube   red fermented beancurd
1 tspn    chinese 5 spice
1/2 tspn  pepper

150gm   rice flour
2 tbsp   tapioca flour
2 tspn  salt
1 tbsp  sugar
200ml   water
100gm  black eye pea, cooked

5 shallots, thinly sliced
100gm   dried shrimp, soaked & then pounded
*sliced spring onion & red chili for decorations

Method :
(1) preheat frying pan/wok with enough oil for frying the taro cube.
(2) once the taro is done, stir in red fermented beancurd, chinese 5 spice & pepper and saute till fragrant. (*withdraw some oil away from the pan if it's too much)
(3) next withdraw half of the taro and set aside, then add in 1/2 cup water and let simmer till soft. Off the heat, once it's done.
(4) now, combine ingredients (B) together with the mashed taro, the remaining fried taro & black eye pea then simmer over medium flame till thick.
(5) next, transfer the thick paste to a 6 or 7" oil based tray.
(6) finally, steamed for 30 mins over high heat.
(7) once it's done, set aside to cool before placing in the topping.

**For the preparation of black eye pea : soaked the BYP with enough water for an hour then place it to a small pot with loads of water. Let it simmer till soft, roughly about an hour. Then drain.

Isn't the topping looks very tempting to you? Hmmm....mmm.... I think it looks beautiful. Now how you prepare the topping. Preheat enough oil, stir in sliced shallots once the oil is hot enough. Let the shallots fry till light brown colour then add in pounded dried shrimps, only then switch to low heat. And continue frying till fragrant and nicely brown & crunchy. Finally, drain the fried shallots & dried shrimps over a kitchen paper tower before placing them to the cake.

Ta...Da.... Here's the cake! I really enjoy the addition of black eye pea. It's really  delicious. I hope you guys will love it too.
I'm sending this to Suresh & Shaz @ Malaysian Muhibbah Monday.
(asian cuisine, kuih, snack)


  1. Ah... ha my favorite yam kueh. Yours look so inviting and the topping makes me drooling now.

  2. Will definitely make this. Looks yummy Kristy!

  3. I love this too with lots of sambal...hehehe

  4. Love that generous topping and so good to have this with sambal too!

  5. so mouthwatering! It's so hard to get the consistency just right.. yours look delicious!

  6. You make the normally understated taro so gorgeous.

  7. The toppings on the kuih make it extra delicious!

  8. Thats an interesting kuih, love the colourful topping

  9. oh, kristy,your yam kueh looks wonderful! i love yam kuih, beautiful pictures !have a nice sunday!

  10. Hey, this is one of my favourite as I simply like anything to do with yam. Can share some with me?

  11. That looks fantastic Kristy! I love all of the different textures here...beautiful :)

  12. Hello Dear Kristy! I think I will just eat all of the shallots! I love love love it! It is a beautiful recipe, even if you don't make it that often! xoxoxo

    By the way! - The email you sent last week was HILARIOUS!!!!!!

  13. What a lovely recipe. I love taro cakes and love the topping you add on, especially the shallots! I'm a big fan for those fragrant shallots!

  14. Yes, the toppings look inviting and it is interesting to learn using black eye pea in a taro cake.

  15. I've never had a taro cake, but I've had savory cakes and cheesecakes before. They are delicious, but take a little bit of getting used to. Your pictures are beautiful!

  16. I love lots of shallots on top of it... Arghh....I can't resist it anymore...somehow I got to stop thinking of this yam cake for 100 days ler....


  17. Beautiful photos, Kristy, and yes...I love the looks of that topping. Too bad your family is not loving this!

  18. The topping is could use that on many things. It's nice that you make something for yourself once in awhile. Funny what we do for our family. I won't use green pepper anymore because my husband doesn't like them, but I'm lucky he's not too fussy. I will make them shrimp even though I don't like it.! :)

    Have a beautiful day Kristy!

  19. o man...this yam cake is killing me!

  20. That's one of the best looking steamed taro I've seen so far :) I love that generous toppings ;D

  21. This is making me crave for Asian food again!

  22. I love taro but have never tried it savoury! This looks so delicious :) It makes me really wanna try the recipe :)

  23. Very interesting, I've never tried a version with black eyed peas before. I'll have to try it, also with the fermented bean paste. Thanks for contributing!


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