I first came across this bread was from Elra's Baking. She such an inspiration and glad that she post about the bread. What is a Kolache? Kolache is actually a wedding dessert in Central of Europe, where the pastry or cake/bread dough that hold a dollop of fruit in the centre and then top with crumble topping. While Kolach is called a cake after translation. Kolach is actually a plain bread/cake. It is normally serve during special occasion especially on Christmas day or Slava. Or it may also called as Serbian Bread.  I'm glad I'm learning something new again.

Ingredient for bread dough :
550gm  bread flour
1 tspn   salt
2 eggs
200nl   warm milk
3 tbsp  sugar
2 tspn  yeast
1 tspn  vanilla extract
3 tbsp  corn oil/butter

Method :
(1) combine warm milk, sugar and yeast together, set aside for 10mins or till bubbling.
(2) in anohter mixing bowl combine flour & salt and mix well.
(3) add milk mixture, vanilla extract & eggs into flour to form a soft dough.
(4) then lastly add in oil and knead to smooth then leave to rest for an hour or till double in size.
(5) now, place dough to a slightly floured working table and knead till the dough turned smooth.
(6) next, divide dough into 12 portion and shape them into balls, then let them rest on the table for 5 mins.
(7) slightly flatten the dough then place them to baking tray, then press the centre of the dough with a muffin cup to form a pie crust.
(8) fill the centre with desired fruits jam or anything if possible, brush all sides with butter or egg white then top with crumble topping. Then rest for 20-30mins.
(9) finally, bake at preheated oven at 185'C for about 20 mins.

I'm actually using a common bread dough recipe here. For the original kolache dough recipe, they are only allow to use egg yolk but I'm using the whole egg instead. For the filling, I'm using my homemade tangerine marmalade and also some black cherry jam. They're really delicious.

Ingredients for crumble topping :
1/2 cup  all purpose flour
1/3 cup  brown sugar
3 tbsp  butter, cold

Method :
(1) combine sugar and flour together then mix well.
(2) rub in butter till everything well combined.
(3) keep refrigerated before used.

I am so in love with the crumble topping. It gives such a nice touch to the bread. So, are you craving for this now?


  1. Great info, I didn't even know that:). Yours look superb Kristy!

  2. I learn something new from your blog today :) The bread looks beautiful with the crumble topping!

  3. hi Kristy:) lama tak masuk dapur Kristy ni.Apa khabar?roti ni nampak sedap:)

  4. Kristy, you're so good in making bread. This is amazing!

  5. Don't think I've every heard of this treat before but it sounds like music to my ears. :) What a delicious combination.

  6. Wow - this is absolutely stunning! I have heard of kolachky's (I think it's spelled wrong) that is a cookie with jam in the center...I wonder if they're related! Either way this is stunning!

  7. First time I came across this delicious looking bread/cake...something new to me too!

  8. This is something new to me...thanks for sharing Kristy!

  9. You ARE SUCH A TEASE!! I just started my diet a week ago because blogging made me FAT! So now I came here to see this irresistable recipe on my biggest weakness BREAD! Then the perfect touch in the center omg, Kristy your amazing just perfection here! Got to try and get off the diet for a day!

  10. My husband would love those bread as they are topped with streusel!

  11. Nice! Is there enough for me? I always like coming here and learn something too! Now if I could just smell the goodness that I see on my screen!

    We've been so busy in the clinic...a virus that is keeping teachers out and many kids all at once. :( Lucky I have not been sick. :)

  12. Another creation from your kitchen. I love the bread with fruits n crumbs topping. Super!

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  14. Hey you're an inspiration too ;)

    Yes I'm craving for it now, can you send some over? :P

  15. I am totally craving it daaahling, these look absolutely lovely. Do they taste as wonderful as they look?
    *kisses* HH

  16. This is a glaring reason of why I need to get off my butt and make these. I have other recipes saved for these, but this picture in this post have those trashed now-saving yours! Well done-delicious.

  17. That looks as beautiful as it does delicious!

  18. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks so much for visiting and spending your valueable time here with me. It always a great pleasure for having you all here. ((hugs))

    And really appreciate for all your wonderful comments. Hope you're all enjoying your time here too. Enjoy & have a great time.


  19. Hi Kristy! Oh my goodness, you baked Kolache and they look heavenly!!!

    I like the idea that you used the entire egg. I'm hoping to try my hand at baking bread real soon. (I'm not much of a baker:)

    Thank you so much for sharing...I bet they tasted oh so good!!!

  20. this is sure one good bread..it does sound delicious to me with the fruit filling and the streusel. they look fantastic!

  21. Iv'e never seen these before but they look so delicious...very tempting :)

  22. Oh my goodness, these are my favorite! I grew up eating these, with poppyseed filling! My grandparents were from the now Czech Republic, they are so wonderful and the dough is very airy!

  23. I think these look just wonderful, Kristy! What a lovely treat, especially with the crumble topping. Your homemade marmalade sounds delicious too. Thank you for sharing the recipe with Let's Do Brunch.


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