Norwich Bread Or Ciabatta ???

It looks like a Norwick bread but what's hiding behind it is Ciabatta ! Does that sounds weird to you ? It reminds me of Conchita Wurst. It doesn't look so right and yet HE sounded so awesome & talented.

See what I told you ! Does it look like ciabatta to you ? This definitely ciabatta alright ! Its been ages since I last made some Artisan bread. And this awesome recipe has inspired me to make one.

Ingredients for Italian Biga (Starter dough) :
1/4 tspn  yeast
60ml   water, at room temperature
200ml  cold water
330gm  all purpose flour

Method :
(1) dissolved yeast into 60ml water for 10 minutes at room temperature.
(2) now, stir in cold water and flour in two batches till well combined, became sticky dough.
(3) rub dough with a bit of oil then cover dough with plastic wrap and let to ferment at cool room temperature for about 10 hours or overnight. (ferment for 24-48 hours if you prefer sour bread)

Note : keep leftover biga refrigerated or even freeze untill ready to use. For refrigerated biga, can be used within 5 days time. For frozen biga, let it rest for 3 hours at room temperature till biga became bubbling or active again.

Note : you may use Italian Biga on this recipe or any other natural leavening agent, as recipe here & here.

Ingredients for Main Dough :
500gm   all purpose flour
500gm   Italian biga 
260ml    water
100ml    milk, at room temperature
1 tspn   yeast
1 TB  corn oil
1 TB   salt
some semolina/cornmeal flour for coating

Method :
(1) dissolved yeast into milk to rest for 10 minutes.
(2) now, add water, biga & oil together with dissolved yeast till well blended.
(3) next, stir in flour & salt till everything well combined and became sticky dough.
(4) place sticky dough onto slightly floured working table and knead till beginning to form a supple, moist & springy dough.
(5) then place dough into an oiled bowl, keep cover and leave to rest for an hour or for about 75 minutes. The dough should be full of bubbles and elastic.
(6) now, divide dough into 4 portions and roll into cylinder then flatten it into rectangle. Next, pull & fold into long wide shape about 4x10". (I only made two loaves)
(7)  place set dough to floured parchment paper separately then cover with damp towers and let to rise till puffy but not doubled in about 2 hours. (Dimple the dough vigorously with fingers, so that they don't rise too much)
(8) The dough should look flat at this stage but don't worried, it will rise. Preheat the oven at 220'C 30 minutes before baking by placing in baking stone or tray.
(9) Sprinkle some cornmeal to tray and place in the dough then bake at 220'C for about 20-25 minutes. Spray water into oven for the first 10 minutes 3 times.
(10) once its done, remove bread to wire rack to cool.

And this is the other half of the bread. It looks more like Norwich bread, isn't it ? I think maybe the bread dough is a bit too thick since I only divide them into two portions earlier, caused the improper rising. However, it was good overall. I think I should name this as Conchita Bread.  What do you think ? hehe...
I'm sending this to Wild Yeast @ Yeastingspotting.
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