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Have anyone of you try making your own leaven? What is leaven? Leaven is an agent that produces fermentation. The leavening agent produces gas, air, or steam that expands when heated, making the resulting product light and altering grain textures. Leavening agents include Yeast, Baking Powder and Baking Soda. I was pretty excited experiencing the whole process and have to thank Angie for the information.

Leaven adapted from Dan Lepard.

Day 1 :
Combine the following ingredients in a 500ml jar or container. Cover & leave at room temperature 20'C(+/-). mine is 28'C(+/-).
50gm water
40gm all purpose flour/ 20gm rye flour
2 tspn raisins
2 tspn yogurt

Day 2 :
You can see the mixture starts bubbling with a hint of fermentation at room temperature 28'C (+/-). You'll see that some separation has occurred. Then add in the following ingredients and stir well. Cover & leave aside for 24 hours.

50gm water
40gm all purpose flour/ 20gm rye flour

Day 3:
You'll notice more bubbles were formed. These shows fermentation has started. And add in the following ingredients and stir well. Cover & leave aside for 24 hours.

100gm water
80gm all purpose flour

Day 4 :
Again add in the following ingredient and mix well. Cover & leave aside for 24 hours.
100gm water
130gm all purpose flour/110gm rye flour

Day 5 :
You'll see the mixture is fully activated. Now, discharge 3 quarter of the mixture and place it to another container for baking usage. Feed the leftover one quarter mixture with 100gm water & 130gm all purpose flour. Cover & leave in the fridge(lowest deck).

Day 6 :
Finally, my first batch of leaven has successfully formed. Yay! Each day as you remove some leaven for baking, remember replacing it with an equivalent of flour & water to keep the bacteria activated.

My first batch of wild yeast sourdough bread, no instant yeast added in. I just adored the look so much! Now, I have full supply of my own homemade leaven that I can use at anytime.


  1. 5 days???
    Wah.. longer than me making pak thong koh leh.
    Anyway, some things are worth waiting. YOur bread looks so good, I love the structure it has. YEast leavened bread can't get such textures and taste.

  2. That looks like a heavier bread. Must be very filling to eat a few slices. I love all the big holes there. This must be excellent to eat with curry....mmmm. Would make me happy for the rest of the weekend if I can have some right now! :D Kristy, have a lovely weekend. I hope your finger has healed completely. Mary.

  3. :-) Finally! I am glad that you have fun with it. You will taste the difference when your sourdough one year old...I just love its tangy smell. Great job!

  4. wow, completely a new recipe n interesting too...def gonna give a try. First time here. glad to follow u. Do drop in at my blog sometime.

  5. Very interesting and informative post. I have never tried this. Looks cool.


  6. just love the texture of the bread..and the process is interesting..

  7. That is fantastic! How often do you have to bake bread?

  8. This was a fascinating post. I'd like to try doing this too. I love the taste of fresh baked bread. It might be one of the best tastes in the world :D
    *kisses* HH

  9. Wow, what a great post - really enjoyed reading it - think I might brave it and have a go!

    Do you know why the raisins are in there?

  10. You... with your "little space" makin some knock down, drag out REAL "big food" .. so impressive. This bread is off the chain. You're an example to kitchen-wimps throughout the universe. my shero!

  11. kristy,
    today is the 3rd day of this leaven making.. it's process just like how you described. but i use yeast water instead of adding raisin in it.

  12. Janetan, great! Looking forward to your awesome w/y baked goods.
    Best wishes

  13. kristy,
    i'm kind of curious why my process untill the fifth day does not look like yours at all?? it still bubbling all the way..why doesn't it go crazy growing like your 5th day picture?

  14. hi kristy,
    today trying to use some of the leaven to make bread but i invented a recipe using your bialys recipe by changing and adding other ingredient. the outcome dough become super sticky and elastic. now waiting for it 1st rise. doesn't know if success or not..


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