Cranberry Nutty Crumb Cake

I've never tried nutty crumb before this! And I think I'm in trouble right now cause I started to fall in love with this nutty crumb. I think my body wouldn't like it at all! My goodness, this is torturing! But it's always good to comfort others with this scrumptious bake, isn't it!

Ingredients :

3 eggs
1-1/2 cup sugar
190gm butter
1 tspn vanilla extract
1 tspn rum/kirsch
2 cups flour
2 cups cranberry (fresh/dried)

Topping :

60gm butter
1/2 cup pecan, roasted & roughly crashed
1/2 cup walnut, roasted & roughly crashed
2 tbsp brown sugar

Method :

- beat egg, flavouring and sugar untill pale and fluffy.
- then whisk in butter untill well mixed.
- stir in flour and mix to combine.
- add in cranberry and mix well.
- then pour batter to a 8" tray lined with parchment paper.
- now, combine all the topping ingredients and mix well.
- spread the nuts over the cake batter.
- bake at 175'c for 50mins.
I'm telling you...this is DANGEROUS!!!!!


  1. Crumbly cakes! What could be better?

  2. You are a bad bad girl for torturing us poor souls with just a fabulous visual treat!Yes, the nutty crumb looks top notch!

  3. beauty and delicious!the topping is great!

  4. OOOOooo Kristy this crumble cake looks amazing. If I wasn't currently on my way of growing a second butt right now I would make this TONIGHT! I guess I will just have to wait til winter to stuff my face with this cake.

    you're awesome :)

  5. are marvelous...with 9 fingers you can still bake all this deliciousness...haha guess u are much better now :)

  6. Scrumptious and nutty cake indeed! Would love to chew through those nuts on the top! yummy!

  7. Ah yes, crumb cakes are delicious! You are indeed in trouble daaaaaahling! The one you made looks fantastic.
    *kisses* HH

  8. I couldn't agree more. My eyes are getting big and my stomach is grumbling just looking at your tempting photos!

    Enjoy it as much as you can!

  9. Kristy, now my mouth is watering, my tummy is growling and I'm pretty much in agony because I really want that cake! I can't begin to tell you how delicious that looks and sounds. I will be baking this soon for sure and hiding it from everyone! Cheers!

  10. Creamy-light-delicious-stuff. Yes, please.

  11. Hey Kristy, hope your finger grew back, probably it did, otherwise you wouldn't have been able to make this beauty! What a beautiful cake! nuts and crumbs, hmmmm

  12. I love all things will streusel toppings....
    I'm hoping to try this cake soon :)

  13. My dear sweet Kristy,

    Ur adorable,and thats why i love walkin d walk with u:-)))

    Congrats with all awards and u dont have to apolz even a bit, my awards come to make u happy and fill u with sunshine:-)))and witout rules at all:-)
    U can take all the time in the world and i take a while till i post too, till then i post them on my awards page:-))))

    Now i know what u meant by 9fingers:-((((
    Take care babes,thats a nasty cut dear;-))
    And u sure have a nasty cut there, hope its better now:-))0

  14. Where did you say that bakery was your opening? wow what a crumb topping gorgeous!

  15. Kristy, this looks marvelous! I really like the addition of cranberries. It looks moist and lovely; I am tortured too! Or will be until I make it!

  16. ton crumble a l'air très bon j'aimerai bien y gouter
    bonne journée

  17. Your cake looks scrumptious. I really will have to give it a try. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  18. Just eat and don't look into the mirror...haha. Just look too delicious to resist!

  19. Belinda : Thank you!

    CoolLassi(e) : Bad enough, not to let you taste it! hahaha....

    Peanutts : Yeah, I love it too!

    Anncoo : Thank you, dear!

    Shirley : hahaha....

    Joy : What!!! 2nd butt! hahaha... Oh, you're just so funny!

    Elin : Frankly, the nerve system at one side of my finger doesn't work well as before. The numbness keep me out of touch with cold or hot!

    Angie : Thank you, dear! So sweet of you to say that.

    Jeannie : Yes, indeed! The topping did make a difference to the cake!

    HH : Thanks! I'm already in trouble! hehe....

    MParadis : Glad that you like it too!

    Pam : Hahaha...Well, can't hide it from your nose!

    Claudia : OK OK...just half a slice! hehe...

    Silvia : Hey babe, no cinnamon on this! haha....

    Wendy : ME too! Thanks!

    Andrea : hehe...In which way? Left or right? I'll have to say at both side or 360'!

    Tigerfish : Just stuff your mouth with a few biscuits! I think that'll help!

    Mia : Thank you so much and glad to see you!

    Claudia : Maybe soon! haha...No, just kidding!

    Barbara : Thank you! Hope that you'll enjoy it as well.

    Fimere : bonne journée, heureux que vous l'aimez aussi! N'est-ce pas bien si nous pouvons prendre le thé ensemble un certain temps!

    Mary : Thank you and you too!

    MaryMoh : Maybe that'll help! haha....

    Wish you all have a fantastic day!

    Cheers, Kristy

  20. Yum! Great crumb cake - especially with the fruit and whole nuts!

  21. Mmmm! This cake have everything I like, cranberry to make it a bit tart, and this luscious nut crumble on top. Ai,ai,ai....Good bye diet.... helloooooowww sweet treat.

  22. looks the nutty topping...

  23. What kind of symptom your body had with this nutty crumbs, Kristy? Why didn't your body like it? Or perhaps the body likes it too much :)

  24. Reminds me of my sister's Apple the crumble.

  25. That cake sure looks delicious, especially the crumble. Lovely pics, Kristy!

  26. The cake looks so crumbly and delicious! I love the cranberries in the cake. Sweet and yummy!

  27. I love these kinds of cakes. Here we call them crumbles and they go well with just about any kind of fruit

  28. Rebecca : Thanks!

    Chef : Yeah, I kinda addicted to it as well!

    Anna : Haha...and hello FAT too!

    Sownya : Thank you, dear!

    Tana :'re right! I'm affraid I can't maintain my body weight any longer.

    TSudden : Is it?!

    Cheah : Ya, I love it too!

    Sook : Nice to see you around! Haven't heard from your for a long time.

    WTStick : Thank you!

    Thanks all for stopping by and hope you have a great weekend!

    Blessings, Kristy

  29. Your blog entries are great! You're so creative. =)


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