Deep Fried Bean Curd With Prawn & Chicken Paste

What are the ingredients you normally used in stuffed bean curd puffs? Mine should be fish paste stuffing in 'Hakka' style. Besides of that, I have something here which is fish paste is needed. And is perfect for snack or as well as side dish!

Here's the recipe.

Ingredients :

100gm prawns, roughly chopped
200gm minced chicken thigh meat
1 large onion, diced finely
100gm jicama/water chestnuts, diced finely
salt & pepper to taste
2 tspn beaten egg
2 tspn sesame oil
2 tspn corn flour
handful of cilantro/spring onion, chopped
10 bean curd puffs, halved

Method :

- combine prawns, chicken, onion, jicama, egg, sesame oil, cornflour, salt & pepper and cilantro. stir to mix well.
- push the halved bean curd puff inside out.

- stuff in the filling and then steam for 5 mins.
- next, deep fry the stuffed bean curd untill golden brown.

Finally, serve deep fried stuffed bean curd puffs with chili sauce or sweet plum sauce. The bean curd puff skin should be nice and crispy while the fillings is hot! You can actually smell the strong flavour of cilantro & spring onion when taking the bite..... & a little crunchy & juicy.....Whatever so, just enjoy!


  1. Man, I'm hungry!! You make something that just looks sooooo complicated look do-able!

  2. What a lovely looking snack! Simply Perfect!

  3. Lovely! Japanese has a similar fried tofu called "hiryozu" without meats :)

  4. I have never made a stuffed bean curd puff in my life, Kristy, in fact, didn't even know what it was! This is why I LOVE your blog. I learn so much and you are forcing me out of my comfort zone and into learning about and trying new things!

  5. I love bean curb. Be it plain in soup or stir fry with veggi.
    Your stuffed version looks awesome!

  6. These look amazing. I've been wanting to get the tofu puffs, but didn't want to use them in a dish where they just get soggy. I like that they are crispy on the outside and oh-so-good on the inside! I'll just have to adjust the ingredients, because I don't eat shrimps or prawns. Great post Kristy! Cheers!

  7. Great idea! Looks very crispy and delicious! Never thought of turning it inside out!

  8. This would be a perfect snack or appetizer. You make such delicious dishes.

  9. the 2nd last pic...I can never get my beancurd to turn like that :(. Always either soggy or hangus. Maybe coz i dont know how to control the fire :(

  10. I love this kind of thing and it's really so simple! Thanks for a great idea.

  11. These must be really delicious. I would love to try this. Great for picnic too. I bet I can eat LOTS!

  12. How delicious! I love the crispy coating!

  13. Did you mean can put sengkuang in? Jicama is sengkuang.
    Cheaper than water chestnuts :)

  14. Delicious stuffed tofu, my favorite afternoon snack.

  15. Oh, that looks so good! This is new to me and I would love to try!

  16. I can eat a dozen at one go. Thanks for reminding me that it's been a while since I last ate these. Real treat for me. Yumm hungry already looking at these. Now going down cafeteria to look for food.

  17. Angie : I wonder can you get this kind of tofu puffs over at Germany!

    Belinda : Thank you!

    Cool Lassi(e) : Thanks alot, dear!

    TLSpoon : Wow, 'hiryozu'! I must google for this afterwards! Thanks!

    Barbara : May we explore together!

    Lululu : Hey, thanks! & nice to hear from you!

    Lynd : Can you find tofu puffs over there too? Great then! Hope you'll enjoy this recipe. Have fun@

    Jeannie : Thank you! I think you can easily find this kind of food over at KL huh!

    Velva : Thank you very much!

    SKucing : Yeah, you're right! Must control the heat!

    MParadis : You're welcome! Glad that you like it too!

    Anncoo : Thanks! Your stuffed mushrooms look great as well!

    MaryMoh : Hope you'll enjoy it!

    HH : Thank you!

    Alison : Thanks!

    Wendy : Yes, that is sengkuang. It's less sweeter than water chestnut! And can be eaten raw!

    Elra : Thank you!

    Natasha : Hope you'll enjoy it!

    Hi everyone, thanks so much for stopping by. Really glad you like this recipe too.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Regards, Kristy

  18. That is a great idea! I must try this.

  19. I never use bean curd, have eaten them but never cooked them. this looks very tempting doesnt lookat all like bean curd

  20. Usually when I see stuffed tofu puffs, I think of Yong Tau Foo but this stuffing is so differently tasty!

  21. Bean curd puffs are my favourite and I've never thought of pushing it inside out! You're so talented, Kristy!

  22. Beautiful bean curd puffs! I can smell the cilantro and spring onions all the way here! ;) Oh, and I'm dipping mine in chili sauce! :)

  23. Elin : Still googling before lunch! haha... Aiyaya...

    Penny : Good! Hope you'll enjoy it too!

    Peanutts : Thanks!

    Tigerfish : Hope you'll like it too!

    Cheah : I thought you can easily get these kind of food at Ipoh!

    Andrea : Me too! I love chili sauce dipping for this too! yummm...

    Hi guys, hope you all have a great time here! Did you bring along your napkin? hehe....

    Cheers, Kristy

  24. une recette qui me met en appétit j'adore
    bonne soirée

  25. This sounds delicious and is well worth trying. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  26. Look at these puffs! I bought some for some clients of mine who did not like them, so I kept them for me and I loved them. Yours look particularly delicious Kristy! Great recipe!!!!!!

  27. OK, pass the plate and I'll gladly take some! Love the looks of them and know they are filled with delicious flavors! Have a good day! Pam

  28. This sounds like a better idea than using fish paste! Looks so good...

  29. These would make a great appetizer in my house! Yum!

  30. That bean curd looks SO GOOD!!

  31. Oh! Love the idea of stuffing the fried tofu with prawns...look delicious :-)


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