Air Fryer Eggless Raisin Scone 葡萄干司康餅

HERE, what else you can work out with your air fryer ???  Yeap, the easy pitsy homemade scones. This is something you shouldn't miss out. Best to enjoy it with family & friends for afternoon breakie, and even merrier to enjoy it fresh from your air fryer instantly. Please read on for more.

Ingredients :
250gm  all purpose flour
3/4 TB  baking powder
1/2 tspn  salt
30gm  cold butter, chopped
130ml   cold milk
100ml   water
handful of raisins & some dried cranberries
*20ml  milk for brushing the top dough

Method :
(1) put together flour, baking powder & salt till well cooperated.
(2) add in cold butter and rub by fingers till everything is well combined, as picture shown below.

TIPS : you may replace all purpose flour to self raising flour then omit the baking powder.

(3)  next, stir in the mixture of milk and water till soft & sticky dough is formed, as picture shown the above.

(4) now, transfer sticky dough to floured working table and push to form a round dough, sprinkle more flour if needed.
(5) then slowly flatten dough by hand and spread on raisin & cranberries.

(6)  and now, fold dough into 3 folding layer, as picture shown above. The folding will helps to create better fluffiness texture.

(7)  next, spread on the remaining raisins mixture and make another fold to complete the folding.

(8)  round the dough with your hands then slowly place it to baking paper, which is just nice to fit into the fryer basket. Make the cuts to divide dough before going into the basket.

(9)  finally, brush on some milk glazing and then bake at preheated air fryer 165'C for about 18  minutes. (still depending on the size of your AF space, lower the heat if the space is too small)

Then careful discharge the baking paper after cooled.

The texture just perfect !  Best to serve it warm with a piece of cold butter and some delicious fruit jam. Gosh, it makes me drool  >o<


  1. A perfect breakfast! We love scones so much :-)

  2. If I uses convention oven, what is the temperature? Thank you.

    1. hi there, first of all sorry for the late reply. You may bake at 200'C for 15 mins or till top turns brown.
      blessings, Kristy


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