Homemade Calamansi Jam 自制本地柑子果酱

This is definitely something that I don't usually make. My friend gave me a big bag of calamansi the other day. I have juice out some of them for bottling and another kilo for jam making. Of course, I can make preserved calamansi too but I still have plenty of them in storage. So, decided to make jam out of it this round. You know what I love about these calamansi ? It is pesticide free >o<  My friend don't use pesticide on his fruit and vegetable plants. I am lucky to have a little share of his harvest everyday for free. For thanking him, I have reserved a few jars of jam for his wife. Please read on for more.

It is a tedious job to prepare these calamansi cause plenty of seeds to be removed along. Do wear your spec ya guys ! haha..... 

Ingredients :
1.1 kg  calamansi
1.5 kg  white sugar
1.5 ml  water

Method :
(1)  clean and wash calamansi thoroughly then sliced and seeded.
(2)  now, combine water, sliced calamansi and sugar into a big pot, prefer non stick pot if possible.

(3) next, bring it to boil for about 30 minutes over high heat. Discharge seeds if as many as possible.
(4) then switch to medium heat after 30 minutes and continue cooking till mixture became thick, roughly for about another 60 minutes.

Remarks :

How to check your jam if it is well done. By using a ceramic bowl, put a spoon of thicken jam onto it and keep chilled for about 5 minutes. Then try to put your finger on the paste to test the texture.

** If the thicken paste looks something like jelly means it's done. At this point, you can off the heat and leave cool before bottling. Normally, lemon, oranges, lime and calamansi these kind of citrusy fruits contained of natural pectin which helps to curd quickly than other fruits. You may make your own pictin by using green apples.

**If the thicken paste tested a bit runny or watery, means it need to be cook for another few minutes till it's ready. Yeap, you need to be really patient on this one. hehe.... 

By the time, it is done. You will roughly get about 1/3 portion from what you started.

Perfectly thick and sticky..... and shinny  >o<  Loving it !

After bottling, just leave to cool at room temperature till set. The jam not even fell out when you move it around, meaning it is nicely set and it ready to consume. Yum yum.....

I scrapped whatever left in the pot. Isn't it gorgeous !


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