Gelatine-Free Chocolate Tofu Cheese Cake

I am terribly happy and super excited for past two days cause my daughter just got her STPM (high school) result and she has surprised me with her excellent straight As certificate. I am so so proud of her. "Well done girl !"  Can you imagine how time flies ! My girl is heading to University soon. Twenty years ago, I'm still holding her in my arms to feed her milk :o) She is now a very independent young lady, so it time to leave it to her to make her own way. All I have to say is there's still a long way to go..... and this is just the beginning of her life....her destiny.

Whateverso, we still need to feed ourselves well. Right ??? haha..... So, I made something different today for the celebration. Something sweet without the animals fat what you called gelatine. Gelatine is often used in making no bake cheese cake or jelly to work as a gelling agent. In my experiment, I am actually trying to replace gelatine with agar-agar powder instead. Agar-agar powder is another form of gelatinous substance which came from algae. More healthy compare to gelatine and it actually works quite well too.

So, here's what I did.
Ingredients for crust base :
250gm   TIGER biscuit / graham biscuit
120gm    butter, melted

Method :
Place biscuit into a big plastic bag & sealed. Then crushed biscuit with rolling pin by rolling it over the bag or you can use an electric grinder to do the job. Now, pour finely crushed biscuit to a big mixing bowl then stir in melted butter and mix well. Finally, press mixture to a 8" spring foam tray and keep refrigerated till set.

Ingredients for tofu cream cheese filling :
500gm   cream cheese, softened at room temperature
300gm   pressed tofu (1 packet)
100gm   icing sugar

1/2 cup   milk
2 tspn   instant coffee powder
200gm   chocolate, thinly chopped

1/2 cup  milk
1 tspn    agar-agar powder

(1) place ingredients (A) into a big mixing bowl, beat till mixture nice & smooth then set aside.
(2) now for ingredients (B), combine milk & coffee powder and bring to boil then off the heat and add in chocolate chunks, stir till chocolate completely melted.
(3) pour in mixture (B) into mixture (A) and continue beating till everything well combined, then set aside.
(4) mix together ingredients (C) and heat till agar-agar powder completely melted and mixture begins to thicken.
(5) remove mixture (C) from heat and slowly stir into cream cheese mixture and beat till well mixed.
(6) finally, pour cream cheese mixture to biscuit base pan and keep refrigerated till set or overnight preferable before serving.

For decorations :
1 cup  whipping cream (whipped before entering to pipping bag)
2 TB  cocoa powder for dusting
2 cups  mini marshmallow, optional (cause it made of gelatine as well)

Mmmmhhh....mmhh.... now, this is what I call satisfaction ! All I need is a cup of coffee and my book to make my day a little easier. Hope you are too !
Enjoy & have a fabulous day everyone and don't forget to join me at 'International Yeasted Recipe' by submitting your beautiful creations. Looking forward to seeing you. Have fun !


  1. Dear Kristy! What great news!! My congratulations to you and your daughter who is now starting her own road, let it be full of joy and love, you deserve to be very proud of her and yourself.

    A beautiful and tasty cheese cake to celebrate!
    big hug

  2. 很漂亮呢,蛋糕很大器:)

  3. What a beautiful cake! Really nicely decorated and sounds delicious.

  4. Ooooh I sometimes crave cheesecake, but not the calories so this would be perfect! haha. All the best for your daughter's journey through university! Reading the post made me think about how my mum must've felt when I began university =)

  5. Congratulations to your daughter! And what a great cheesecake!

  6. Congrats to your girl for her achievement. And this cheesecake looks good!

  7. trop gourmand et joliment présenté, bravo
    bonne soirée

  8. Your cake look great! Actually I have tried tofu cheesecake. However my family dislike the taste of it.

  9. Vivian,
    I have yet tried plain flavour tofu cheesecake before but in this version, the coffee did the job very well. You don't even know what ingredients I used on this recipe.*wink*

  10. Congratulations!! :) Is your daughter 20? I've alawys wanted to try tofu cheesecake, but have never gotten around to it!! This looks amazing- I've only ever used agar once and that was to make some kind of asian jelly. I find it quite interesting because it makes the texture a bit different to that of gelatine....does it make much of a difference to the texture of this cake?

  11. Es una deliciosa y bella torta la textura es perfecta quiero un trozo,saludos a la festejada,abrazos

  12. hi kristy! congratulations on your daughter's must be so proud of her! sorry to come by late ..i have just read your 'yeast' event...will try to come up with something next month yaa! Cheers!

  13. Hi Kristy,
    Congratulation on your daughter's flying color achievement.

    Your tofu cheesecake looks fabulous !
    Thanks for the agar-agar powder tips.
    I have a bread post to link up soon.

  14. kristy,
    wow,what a nice cheese cake! i like it~
    and congratulations on your daughter's achievement too~~~

  15. Wow wow wow!!! Kiristy, your daughter is 20 now! And, she scored straight As!!! I'll be tearing non-stop if I'm at this stage. Right now, I'm still a desperate mum hoping that my son is surviving at school... scary feeling!!!

    A nice wholesome cake is all you need for this celebration!!! Good that agar agar has worked well in this recipe :D


  16. Congrats again to your daugther. For me, still a long way to go...hehehe

    Nice Tofu Cheesecake!

  17. Mamma mia questa torta è un incanto!!! Splendida da vedere e senza dubbio da gustare! Complimenti! Anche per il tuo meraviglioso blog!
    Colgo l'occasione per invitarvi a partecipare al mio nuovo contest: Ricette Regionali. Se vi va di partecipare con qualche ricetta della tradizione mi farebbe molto piacere! Questo è il link:
    Un bacione e buona serata!

  18. Congrats to your daughter , Kristy ! I think she takes after her mother ;D Such a wonderful and delicious cake to celebrate her achievement ! Btw , I haven't baked any bread yet , hopefully , this month .

  19. I have been experimenting with tofu in baked goods too. looks terrific.. glad to see you again.


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