Cream Cheese Pumpkin Cake

I often made quite a number of baking every time after my fridge cleaning. Yeap, trying to scrapped off all the leftover and this is one of the baking I made recently. It was inspired by the advertising picture as shown here. I immediately hooked up with the recipe as cream cheese is required on it, which is the most interesting part of it. I can imagine the used of cream cheese on cottony Japanese cheese cake and Feather Light cheese cake but not on common butter cake or pound cake. I am totally delighted with the outcome and it was actually out of my expectation. On the same day, I bring the cake along to have tea with a bunch of friends and I only managed to brought back two slices of them. How not to be happy ! hehe....

Ingredients :
250gm   cream cheese
125gm  butter, softened
350gm   sugar
4 eggs
280gm  mashed pumpkin
100ml  milk
375gm  flour (equal to 3 cups)
1/2 tspn  cinnamon powder
1/2 tspn   baking soda
2 tspn  baking powder
1/4 tspn  salt
2 tspn   'Singng dog' vanilla bean paste

Method :
(1) combine flour, baking powder, baking soda & salt into a big bowl and mix well, set aside.
(2) cream butter, cream cheese and sugar till creamy smooth.
(3) add in eggs one at a time and continue beating till everything well combined.
(4) next, stir in mashed pumpkin, vanilla & milk and mix well.
(5) now, fold in flour mixture till everything well mixed.
(6) pour batter to a 9" or 10" greased bundt cake pan and bake at preheated oven 175'C for about 50-60 mins or till cake tester came out clean.
(7) once its done, remove from oven and let to rest an 20 mins before unmoulding the cake.

The cake turned out really moist, aromatic & soft unlike any other pound cake. Absolutely addictive ! I will definitely make it again & again.... Hope you guys will love it too. Enjoy & have a wonderful day.
I'm sending this to Foodie Friday.


  1. I have tried cream cheese pound cake.. But I am sure pumpkin is a great addition, both for color and taste!

  2. Oh Kristy! This cake looks amazing, NO doubt there was so little left to take back home!! Pumpkin and cream cheese must make a gorgeous taste and texture. Big hugs muy friend

  3. Hi Kristy , What a gorgeous and yummy cake , have it on my to do list . Thanks so much for sharing :)

  4. First time I came across a densecake with creamcheese in it too...interesting and looks delicious!

  5. This is something new to me, cream cheese + pumpkin, I am trying to imagine the taste!

  6. cream cheese and pumpkin in a cake, wonder how it tastes, looks pretty good

  7. Delicious!!! Pass the plate this way please!

  8. Wish I could find some pumpkins at this time of year...the cake looks really super, Kristy.

  9. i also think cream cheese and pumpkin sounds interesting! you hv baked a very pretty cake. Have a nice weekend, friend!

  10. This looks decadent and filling! I've even got some of my own pumpkin and cream cheese to use up! Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friday


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