Purple Sweet Potato Bun

Another of my leftover baking task.....more sweet potato recipes coming to your way....HA ! Oh well, this recipe is actually inspired by the potato buns where it is often seen at the bread shop. Since I have some mashed sweet potato store up in the fridge, again just can't resist to experiment it my own. Life is too short to wait any longer ! It is true that life is too short...just too short ! Do you know that human only has roughly about 29,000 days living in this world, if you're still alive by 80 years old ! But yet many live lesser than that. Whateverso, we have to face the fact that things may change along the way but not our spirit & soul. Human is encourage to stay positive and happy minded to keep the spirit alive And bread making possible is one of the cure to generate happiness to our mind set and enjoy eating them is just even merrier. haha..... (DO I know what I'm talking about here?) haha.... Or maybe this is just an excuse for baker like me. LOL. But it is true that life is just too short.

Just a 150gm of mashed purple sweet potato to give the buns the magic colour that I've been looking forward to.

Ingredients for Sweet Potato Bun dough :
350gm  bread flour / high protein flour
2-1/2 TB  sugar
1-3/4 tspn  yeast
1/2 tspn  salt
150gm   mashed purple sweet potato
100ml  warm milk
1 egg, do not beat
70gm  cold butter, chopped

* 1 beatened egg yolk for glazing
*1 cup  grated cheddar cheese & 1/2 cup  sugar  for topping

Method :
(1) mix together mashed sweet potato with milk, stir well.
(2) combine flour, sugar, yeast and salt into a big mixing bowl and mix well.
(3) stir in milk mixture and egg to form a soft dough, then add in butter and continue kneading the dough for another 3 minutes.
(4) leave dough to rest for an hour or till double in size.
(5) once ready, punch dough to release extra air then again knead till smooth.
(6) divide dough into 16 portions (about 50gm each), let them rest on the working table for 5 minutes.
(7) shape each into a ball then place it to a 9" greased pan, again let to rest for 45 minutes. (depends on room temperature, warmer room temperature performs better or you may let them sit in the oven and place in a cup of warm water on the bottom rack)
(8) once its ready, brush on egg glazing and then spread on the cheese and sprinkle on the sugar.
(9) finally, bake at preheated oven 180'C for about 20-25 minutes or till brown.

Nothing better than looking at these gorgeous sweet potato buns came out of the oven.  The aroma of the irresistible baked cheese is all over the kitchen where it almost killing me instantly. I walloped a few by the end with no regret ! haha.... Hope you guys will love it too.

I'm sending this to International Yeasted Recipe # April. & Yeastspotting @ Wild Yeast Blog.


  1. Those buns look super soft! I have to restrain myself from eating one after other.

  2. You remind me of not baking sweet potato bread for so long. Need some change in my daily bread as my family bored of eating loaf bread :D

  3. Buenísimo ....me gusta el centro esponjoso,abrazos

  4. The color is just great! One day I should try something like this :)

  5. great and healthy buns using purple sweet potato..i can't do much baking nowadays due to water rationing at my area, hopefully it will get to normal from next month..

  6. Yummy! I love sweet potato bread too, but yours looks so fluffy! Got to try soon!

  7. wow yumm, the buns look so nice and soft and the light purple colour from the sweet potato makes it look quite pretty :). By the way I recently got some meat floss (Serunding Daging) from a friend of my hubby and was wondering how its used or eaten.Can I put it as a filling for a bun or something?

  8. Nothing looks more yummy to me than hot rolls. These look amazing with the cheese on top. Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friday

  9. There really look fantastic!
    I looove the texture


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