The Chinese Version Steamed Glutinous Wine Chicken

We have a short break during this Chinese New Year and after a short visit to my parents' place & my mother in law's place, we finally heading back to our home sweet home. Ooo..... I missed my bed !  haha..... Guess, its time to cook for my family before my girl is returning to her University again soon. And this is one of the many dishes which has inspired me to give it a go, after watching the Chinese New Year TV commercial documented in China a couple days ago. Simple & yet easy to prepare. The gravy is very tasty and the chicken is tender as the white chopped chicken or poached chicken.

Ingredients :
1  free-range chicken (about 2kg)
350gm  ginger, partial skinned then finely chopped
2 cup  glutinous rice wine
or 4 TB  homemade red yeast wine paste (mix with 1 cup of water)
1 TB  salt
100gm  rock sugar, smashed

Method :
(1) rub salt into the chicken cavity then stuff in half of the chopped ginger.
(2) then place chicken to a plate or big bowl, pour wine onto the chicken then brush it all over to the chicken.
(3) sprinkle rock sugar & ginger onto the chicken and steam for 30 minutes then flip the chicken around and continue steaming for another 30-40 minutes or till cooked.

The preparation is ready to go into the steamer soon.

The gravy became so juicy & glossy by the chicken is ready after an hour. It looks just nice, not overly cooked. Otherwise, you will have problem chopping it. Leave the steamed chicken to cool off completely then cut into bite size. Preheat the gravy then pour it over the chicken and serve.

According to a Chinese chef from one of the culinary school in China, one chef is only allow to own one chopping knife and that is why they need to learn all the chopping & cutting skills with one knife. The higher level chef managed to cut a silky soft tofu into vermicelli shreds. You'll be amazed by their chopping & cutting skill !


  1. Dear Kristy, I also miss my bed when I'm away, but it is such a great pleasure to visit the ones you love , Happy to hear you had the opportunity to visit your parents, Now it's time to take care of the girl before she leaves. My "baby" was visiting for New Year and had a great time with her, then here is summer so still having a lot of visits. Anyway, here I am back , having a good time looking at your kitchen. Interesting story about the knives amog Chinese chefs, I think it is quite the thing, one knife should be enough! Big hugs

  2. Hi Kristy , what a wonderful time you and hubby had visiting your parents , I know they found it most enjoyable as the both of you did .Keep making wonderful memories dear .
    Love the recipe and I am pinning . Thanks for sharing
    ~Nee~ :)

  3. This chicken looks so flavorful.. Yummy!

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  5. Kristy, I think I can have 3 bowls of rice with this dish! stunning!

  6. Very nutritious and delicious, Kristy. I love how tender the chicken looks.

  7. Happy Goat Year Kristy!! Hope all is well on your side. ;) Wow this Steamed Chicken looks way good...I, drooling here. I shall try this soon, thanks for sharing another great recipe!


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