Cranberry Bread Pudding 小红莓面包布丁

Life is getting back on track slowly. My girl is back from her Uni break till early September and my boy will be going back to the training school in the middle of July. Hopefully, I'll have more time to bake & cook for them. After two long busy weeks running around from hospital and home, here is another refrigerator clearing task for me. Need to clear up the frozen bread ! I was thinking either to transfer them into savory bread casserole or sweet bread pudding. Well, at the end, the sweet one has the most vote ! hehe.... So, decided to go for the sweet bread pudding with frozen cranberries. Its a great choice indeed and its as easy as 1...2...3....

Ingredients :
5 cups of fruity bread, cubed
3 cups  full cream milk
1/2 cup  brown sugar
115gm  butter
1 tspn  nutmeg powder
1 tspn vanilla essence
4 eggs, beaten
1 cup  frozen cranberries, roughly chopped

Method : 
(1) heat up milk, sugar and butter till sugar & butter just melted then off the heat.
(2) stir in nutmeg powder, vanilla & beaten egg and mix well. Mixture will became slightly thicker flow, not curd.
(3) pour egg mixture to bread and let them sit for 10 minutes.

(4) next, transfer bread mixture into a 9" greased casserole tray and top with cranberries and slightly tuck them into the bread mixture.
(5) then bake at preheated oven 180'C for about 35 minutes with water-bath method or till the top nicely crispy brown.

**water~bath baking method : add water into a larger tray then insert the designated baking tray or casserole tray into it for baking.

Its best to serve them warm with an ice cream. I actually have reduced the amount of sugar from 1 cup to only 1/2 cup. It turns out just perfect and the texture is beautiful, not too sticky nor too soggy. Muakkkk ! <3   Loving it. Hope you guys will love it too.


  1. Hi, hope hubby is better :). I always get disastrous results when it comes to bread pudding, yours looks so nice and moist , mine ends up quite dry, why is that?

  2. Hi Nammi, its great to see you around. Thank you very much for the greetings. Yes, hubby is getting better now but still need some follow up check up monthly.
    Regarding the dry pudding problem, the milk mixture should be a little thicker to reduce the absorption speed. Otherwise, the custard won't be able to form in time while baking it. Let the milk mixture cook over low heat for 2 to 3 seconds, then off the heat and rest for 30 minutes before stirring in the bread.
    Hope this will help. Have fun !
    Blessings, Kristy

  3. Haven't had a bread pudding in a long time...I love this one with cranberries.


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