Eggless Savoury Chives Pancake 无蛋韭菜薄烤饼

It is very common that the Chinese pancake is cooked without adding in eggs. Mainly because of cost saving. In older days, egg is precious especially for the poor. But mine one is considered as million dollar pancake cause I have dried shrimps on it. haha....  Hubby was craving for Chinese pancake yesterday and I made him this. Its an easy to prepare recipe. So, here's what I did.

Ingredients :
2 cups  all purpose flour
2 tspn  baking powder
1 tspn salt (to your taste)
1/2 tspn  vegetarian granules
500ml   water
1 cup  garlic chives, rinsed & cut into bite size
30-40gm   dried shrimps, soaked & pounded

Method :
(1) combine flour, baking powder & water into a mixing bowl and beat till well cooperated.
(2)  next, stir in salt, granules & chinese chives.
(3)  preheat a wok with 3 tablespoon of cooking oil, and saute dried shrimp till crispy & fragrant. Then off the heat and transfer everything to the flour mixture. And fold mixture till everything is well mixed.
(4)  preheat frying pan with some cooking oil, then spread 2-3 scope of batter onto frying pan and cook till brown then flip to the other side and did the same thing. Till everything is done. Cut & serve it with chili sauce.

This savoury pancake is simply delicious. Its good to serve at anytime anywhere, especially when  you're at outdoor camping. Hope you guys will love it too. Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


  1. I miss chive pancakes! Used to have this as the afternoon I am just drooling over these delicious treats!

  2. I have never tried a pancake without eggs but what is vegetarian granule? Hope you are well Diane

  3. Hi Diane,

    Granules is a flavouring agent, just like any other chicken granules etc.
    Here's the link for you... regarding vegetarian granules.

    Blessings, Kristy

  4. I'd love to have a slice of this delicious pancake. Haven't had this for a long, long time.

  5. Oh! These pancakes look incredible! I love they not having eggs in them, I must try your recipe. !! And those dry shrimps! must be so deli, too bad I won't find them here. Big hugs my dear friend!

  6. Wow, these pancakes look like a really good breakfast, and certainly make me feel nostalgic. Good job!


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