Homemade Cooked Salted Mackerel 自制熟鱼

This cooked salted mackerel (ikan kembung masak) is quite popular in Malaysia, where the fishermen used to gather all the leftover or partial of the overloaded small mackerels (ikan kembung) to cook or to steam them for storage. Then the cooked mackerels will be sold to wet market the next day for better price. One of hubby's uncle was a fisherman living at Lukut, but already past away many many years ago.  Hubby used to go fishing with his boat during his younger age. And the best thing was, hubby also learnt how to prepare cooked salted mackerel from his uncle. So, here is my turn to present it to my readers.

Ingredients :
3 medium size  whole mackerel fish, rinsed
1-1/2 TB  sea salt

Method :
(1)  rub salt to fishes and let to rest for 20 minutes.

(2)  once its ready, steam fish for 10 minutes or till cooked over preheated steamer.
(3)  when done, drain and leave cooked fishes to cool completely.

(4)  next, remove the head and then discharged all the internal parts from the fishes. Skinned & halved the fishes if possible.

(5)  finally, fry fish till golden brown and crispy. And serve with hot chili dipping.

No doubt, this is hubby's favourite dish. He's totally attracted to the crispiness itself. Hope you guys will love it too. Enjoy your week ahead everyone !


  1. Steamed, then fried...the fish fillets must be extremely crisp and delicious.

  2. I like mackerel, and your recipe sounds delicious! I also liked learning a bit about the history of the dish!

    I hope things are going well for you Kristy!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  3. Hi Kristy. Thank you so much for sharing this dish. I have almost forgotten about the existence of this dish. I remember going to the wet market in Kampar with my beloved mom when I was little and we always buy this fish. I don't believe they are being sold anymore as ikan kembong itself is now so pricy. I will definitely try out this dish. Thanks again.


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