Kristygourmet Chinese New Year Cookies Collection 自家的年并食谱

These Chinese New Year cookies that are shown on today post are all made out of joy, fun and love over the years. Can't believe it my own eyes when I started gather everything here the other day. I am glad I did so ! It brings back so many fabulous memories. Hopefully, I'll be able to recreate more recipes on the coming days.  Happy baking everyone <3  Best wishes throughout the year of Roaster.

Pandan Coconut Kuih Bangkit 香兰椰味薯粉饼

Crunchy Peanut Cookies 松脆花生饼

Matcha Pineapple Roll 绿茶凤梨酥

Fermented Beancurd 'Nam Yu' Sesame Cookies 南乳香脆可口芝麻饼

Melt-in-your-mouth Mushroom Floss Chinese Cookies 即熔蘑菇干曲奇饼

Flaky Pineapple Tart 香脆凤梨酥

Eggless Chinese Almond Cookies 无蛋杏仁曲奇饼

Aromatic Pineapple Tart 香喷喷凤梨酥

Pineapple Tart Roll 凤梨酥卷

Egg Yolk Lemon & Lime Cookies 柠檬蛋黄曲奇饼


  1. Loved all your cookies!
    Wishing you and your beloved family Happy Chinese New Year!

  2. Wouwwww love all your cookies. Looks so yummy and here I would like to whish you a Happy Chinese New Year :)

  3. Wow so many varieties of cookies!! Hope you had a lovely New Year Weekend and Wish you a very Happy Lunar New year to you and your family!!!


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