The Famous Crater Cheese Honey Cake Copycat 芝士火山口蛋糕

My family & I have spent a day travelling to Kuala Lumpur last weekend. We are sending my girl to her new place for a 3 months practical training there and glad there's no traffic jam along the way. After settling down, we went for lunch around her residential area. Phew.... I realized that food is getting pretty pricey in the city these days. Well, I am NOT forgetting to get my girl some storage food as well before we're leaving. So, we went to a nearby bakery shop. And this is the cake I first spotted when I stepped into the shop. hahaha..... I bought one to try it. But still think the top cheezy layer is too thin and causing me craving for more. Sooo.... I knew I am going to make one when I got home and I did. I actually make two and its incredibly yum. Really something to die for. Please read on for more.

Ingredients for cheese honey topping :
( recipe for 3 units 6" cake)
90gm  butter
20gm  condensed milk
40gm  honey
140gm   cheddar cheese
1 TB  parmesan cheese powder
80gm   heavy cream

Method :
Put everything together into a stainless bowl then place bowl to double boiler and let to heat till everything melted. Then set aside to cool completely. Finally,  transfer cheese mixture to pipping bag and its ready for use.

Thanks to Sue Gan @ As The Deer for the inspiration.

I made two sponge cakes and almost messed up with one, due to my carelessness when setting the temperature. Luckily ..... the cake is still edible and yummy too !

Ingredients for sponge cake :
( recipe for 1 unit 6" cake)
50gm   butter
50gm   all purpose flour
60ml  milk
3 egg yolk

3 egg white
50gm  castor sugar
1/8 tspn  cream of tartar

Method : 
(1)  Ingredient (A), heat up butter & milk till just butter melted (not boiling) then add in flour to form a thick paste. Leave to cool for 10 minutes then stir in egg yolk and beat till everything well cooperated.
(2)  Ingredient (B), whisk egg white till foamy then add in cream of tartar and half of the sugar. Continue beating till thick & foamy. Add in the remaining sugar and beat till top foam.
(3)  now, fold meringue into mixture (A) till everything well blended. Do not over mix.
(4)  transfer batter to a 6" baking tray lined with parchment paper (only the bottom).
(5)  finally, bake at preheated oven 170'C for 20 minutes then 150'C for another 40 minutes.
(6)  discharged from tray and leave to cool completely, then keep chilled for an hour.

(7)  finally, squeeze on the cheese topping over the cake and then bake at preheated oven 230-240'C for about 6-8 minutes or till brown. And I love it really really brown. such great looking piece of work ! I am on cloud 9 already....

The burnt cheese topping is totally amazing. I dig in right away after a few shootings. Gosh, I am speechless ! The cake tasted soooooo sooooo good. Truly satisfying piece of cake. Oh yeah, this is a highly recommended treat to all my readers. Definitely something to die for !


  1. I must say I am totally mesmerized! Such unique recipe...

    I must give it a try....

  2. That topping looks to die for! Rich, but definitely worth all of the calories, Kristy.

  3. Hi, Kristy , your cake looks better than mine, those beautiful topping makes me drool.... :)

  4. Mmm that looks right up my street. Yum yum. Have a good day Diane

  5. So this is how it's made ! I thought the base is a pastry ! Will steal the recipe later and hopefully will try it as soon as possible ! Your cake looks beautifully-baked !

    1. Anne, I'm sure you're going to get addicted to this cake.

  6. Wow, this cake is making my mouth water!


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