Extra Flaky Duo Kaya Puff 超香脆双料咖椰角

I used to purchase these duo kaya puffs at a particular shop some time ago. But recently, they have already stopped selling this product. I'm not sure why !  So, what's so special about this duo kaya puff !  The word 'DUO' here means there are actually two different spread of fillings on it, peanut butter jam and kaya jam. And the pastry itself simply irresistible. Super flaky !  And that is why I fell in love with it immediately after my first piece. Too bad it's no longer available. Well, its not a problem at all. I can always make my own version. hehe.... This is definitely another to die for pastry.  Please read on for more.

I am truly blessed that I at least give it a trial. The pastry turns out really amazing.

And here's what I did. (Recipe adapted from here)
Ingredients for pastry dough crust :
250gm  all purpose flour
50gm  cold butter, chopped
130ml  warm water
1 TB sugar
a pinch of salt
100gm   margarine or shortening (I used shortening)
* extra flour for working table

For fillings :  one jar of peanut butter spread & one jar of kaya jam
Egg glazing  :  one yolk mixed with 1 tspn milk
some sesame seeds for topping (optional)

Method :
(1)  dissolved sugar & salt into warm water then set aside to cool.
(2)  put together flour and butter then rub till became fine crumb.
(3)  stir water mixture into flour mixture till soft dough is formed.
(4)  wrap dough with plastic sheet and keep chilled for 15 minutes.
(5)  now, roll dough to 1cm thickness and spread on 90gm of margarine then fold flat dough into half, seal the edges and chill for 30 minutes.
(6)  again, roll chilled dough to 1cm thickness, make a single fold (no need to seal) then keep chilled to set for 15 minutes.
(7)  now, roll chilled dough to 1cm thickness for the final round, make a single fold (no need to seal) then keep chilled to set for 30 minutes.

(8)  finally, flatten chilled dough to 2mm thickness (7 to 8 x 20") and spread on the remaining margarine, roll up the dough like a swiss roll.(as picture shown as the above). And keep into freezer to set for 30 minutes.

(9) when done, cut rolled dough into 10 equal portions (with diameter around 2.5").

(10)  now, roll each dough between a plastic sheet into oblong shape (as shown in the above picture).

(11)  next, spread on both peanut butter jam & kaya jam onto one side of the pastry dough.

(12)  then flip the other half over to cover the filling, no need to press seal the edges and transfer pastry straight to baking tray.

Finally, spread on egg glazing together with a sprinkle of sesame seeds. And bake at preheated oven 230'C for about 25-30 minutes or till golden brown.

Oh man, you can't believe how delicious these are !  This is a highly recommended recipe for all my readers. I bet you won't regret for sure. Happy baking guys ! Enjoy & have fun.


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