Pan Fried Egg Tofu 香煎蛋豆腐片

I am truly thankful that nowadays we have internet. It helps a lot in many ways, especially for those stay at home moms. No doubts that we learned more and more each day, discovered more new stuffs, find out the usage of ingredients, cooking techniques and of course more recipes to be on trial. And I am here to share my new discovery again, the pan fried egg tofu !  It is a very healthy dish. You can either enjoy it with chili sauce or anything that is your preference, but I am going to pair it with the Asian salad. Hmmm.... something addictive to your menu !  Please read on for more.

Ingredinets :
3 pieces  pressed tofu, divide into 3 portions each
some cornstarch for coating
1 small egg, beaten

Method :
(1)  pad dry all tofu slices with kitchen paper towel.

(2)  coat all sliced tofu with cornstarch as picture shown.

(3) next, dip into beaten egg and then pan fried till golden brown.

This pan fried egg tofu is finally done in perfect colour. What do you think about this soft tofu with fragrant crusted fried egg ? Good..... or what !

I'm sure you won't say 'NO' to this is addictive Asian salad.

Ingredients for Asian salad :
2 cup  thinly sliced cabbage
5 petals of torch ginger flower bud (bunga kantan), thinly sliced
handful of fresh basil leaves, thinly sliced

Ingredients for salad gravy :
2 TB  lime juice
2 TB  Thai fish sauce
4 TB  Thai chili sauce
( combine all ingredients and mix till incooperated )

Method :
Combine all ingredients then mixed well and keep chilled for 30 minutes before serving.

You know what ! I think this can be served on your bread as well, as sandwiches. Super healthy and super addictive.  Bet you won't stop at one !  Enjoy.


  1. Tofu with egg coating....that's a great idea! These look very appetizing with that simple cabbage salad, Kristy.

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