Asian Pickled Cucumber @ 简单黄瓜凉拌

This is a simple side dish that I used to enjoy along with all dishes other than kerabu salad and cabbage Asian salad.  Its really yummy to serve it with any kind of roasted meat, quiche and so on. I am still looking forward to some delicious Asian salad recipe. Hopefully, there will be plenty more to discover soon.  Please read on for more.

Here's what I did.
2 Japanese cucumbers, sliced
1 tspn  salt
2 TB  sugar (adjust to your own preference)
1 TB  Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
2 tspn  Thai Fish Sauce
1 bird eye chili, chopped
some chopped cilantro for garnishing

Method :
(1)  marinade sliced cucumber with salt and let to sit for 20 minutes.

(2)  once its ready, wash and rinse away the salt then squeeze to drain the sliced cucumber.

(3) at this stage, cucumber became soft and at the same time crunchy. Finally, stir in the remaining ingredients till well mixed and keep chilled before serving.

(4)  once its ready, discharge the seeds and excess juices. Then serve chill.

This cucumber is really appetizing. It tastes sweet and spicy and a little bit of tangy at the same time.  Really yummy that I could wallop the whole plate of it. Hope you guys will love it too ! Enjoy.


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