Hot & Spicy Sambal Seafood 麻坡叁巴苏东虾

Another popular dish served at most Chinese Restaurants in Muar. Muar is a small and yet extremely busy town at the Northern part of Johor and it is just located next to the river of Muar. Plenty of fresh seafood supply available daily and that is why otak-otak is so popular around here. This dish might look extremely hot & spicy but it is actually NOT at all. You will surprise how lovely the combination turns out ! Please read on for more.
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The blended ingredients should looks dry which will helps you to get better out come later on.

Ingredients for Sambal paste :
30 dried red chilies, cut & soaked in hot water
6  shallots
1 inche galangal/blue ginger
1/2" ginger
2 garlic cloves
3 stalk  lemongrass, take only the white part
1"  belacan/shrimp paste
( combine all ingredients & grind to form paste )

Ingredients :
2  medium size squids
10pcs  medium size prawns
handful of stink beans / petai
1 large onion, sliced
1TB  brown sugar
1-1/2 tspn  salt
1 tspn  granules

Method :
(1)  wash prawns and squid, then peel off the prawn shell on the middle part only. And then skinned the squid and cut into ring shape. As picture shown below. You may trim off the prawns' head the shape part and it really looks good.
(2)  now, bring a pot of water to boil then stir in the squid for 2 minutes. Drain off boiling water and transfer squid into ice water. Drain of ice water once the squid is completely cooled.

(3)  preheat the wok with 1/2 cup cooking oil, stir in blended paste, salt & sugar and let to cook over medium heat till dried and fragrant. Then transfer to bowl and set aside.

(4) by using the same hot wok, add in 3 TB cooking oil then stir in sliced onion and prawns. Cook over high heat till prawns became red in colour.  Bring down the heat to medium.

(5) now, add in half of the cooked chili paste and continue stirring over medium heat till well mixed.

(6) next, stir in cooked squid, petai & granule and let to cook over medium heat till everything is well combined.

I just love the combination of colour. Simply irresistible !  So, what are you waiting for... guys. Lets get started. Have fun !
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