Rice & Nyonya Chicken Casserole 中西合璧法式烤锅

Hubby caught in flu and no appetite to take rice, but so many leftover rice and nyonya chicken from yesterday dinner. Luckily, my boy is back. So, I prepare porridge for hubby and whipped up all the leftover rice & chicken for casserole. This is my boy favourite one cook dish. Please read on for more.

Ingredients :
4 cups cooked rice
3 eggs, for fry rice
salt to taste
3 cups chicken meat, chopped in bite size
1-1/2 cup gravy/sauce from the leftover nyonya chicken
2 cups  mozzarella cheese for topping

Method :
(1) preheat pan with 2 TB cooking oil, add in the eggs once the pan is hot enough and let to fry till slightly cooked then add in cooked rice.
(2) continue cooking the rice till rice started popping around the pan.
(3) off the heat, add in salt and mix well.
(4) transfer fried rice to a pan, which have space for the meat and white sauce on top, as picture shown below.

*Tips : I managed to separate and reduce half of the oil from gravy, by using a oil siever gadget.

(5) preheat the gravy then add in chicken meat and cook over medium heat till warm.
(6) transfer and spread meat to cover the rice, as picture shown the above.

Ingredients for white sauce :
3 cups  full cream milk
80gm  butter
2-1/2 TB  all purpose flour
1 tapn McCormick chicken seasoning
1-1/2 tspn  McCormick Lemon & pepper seasoning
salt to taste
1 large onion, diced

Method :
(1)  preheat pan with butter, stir in onion and saute till fragrant.
(2)  add in seasoning & milk and bring it to boil.
(3)  next, add in flour & salt and continue cooking over medium heat till thicken. Do make sure you have enough white sauce to cover the rice & meat, as picture shown below.

(4) next, spread cheese over the white sauce, as picture shown below.

(5)  finally, bake at preheated oven 190'C for about 15 minutes or till the cheese melted and turns brown.

Here it is.... my leftover rice and nyonya chicken casserole ! Looks really tempting and the smell of cheese just amazing. Simply irresistible. Yummmm.....


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