'Dong Zhi' Festival

Today is 'Dong Zhi'. 'Dong Zhi' is the last celebrated festival on Chinese lunar calender. The Chinese words 'Dong Zhi', refers to 'the arrival of winter'. 'Dong Zhi' is the celebration of good year one has had. 'Dong Zhi' also known as 'tuan yuen jie' meaning reunion festival and one of the customs is eating the rice flour dumpling. The rice flour dumpling is also called as 'tang yuen' which means full reunion. Thus, eating 'tang yuen' on 'Dong Zhi' represents family reunion and harmony. Click here or here for more info.

Ingredients Dumpling Dough :
500gm glutinous rice flour
1-2/3(1-3/4) cups warm water

For fillings : chocolate chips, raisins & chopped palm sugar.

Method :

- place glutinous rice flour into a large bowl.
- slowly stir in warm water and mix untill became a dough.
- then separate into 2 or 3 portion for additional colouring.
- wrap in any filling as desired or just go plain.
- boil all the glutinous rice ball in another pot of hot water untill float.
- then remove the rice ball to the syrup water pot.

Ingredients for Syrup water :

3L water
sugar cane rock (sweetness as desired)
1/4 cup sago pearl (tapioca pearl)
pandan leaves
a few slices ginger

Method :

- boil all ingredients(except sago pearl) together.
- add in the sago pearl about half way of boiling time.
- off the heat when sugar is completely melted.
- place in all the glutinous rice ball and serve.
- for preparation of tapioca pearls click here for info.

My kids love having this kind of sweet dessert especially with palm sugar filling! While I, can at least take 3 bowls of this...hehehe.... I like drinking the ginger flavour syrup, taste really delightful! Hope you all will enjoy this.


  1. 3 bowls?! Wow....that's lots of Tangyuan...I usually just can eat 3 or 4 dumplings....more than that, my stomach would be complaining.

  2. Happy Dong Zhi, hope you eat lots of fabulous dumplings daaaaaaaahling, they look so pretty!

  3. Nice dumplings... I made mine plain and I don't really like it but have to make it just to carry on the tradition and create some memories for the children to pass on to the next generation LOL!

  4. hope you had a happy dong zhi festival :)

  5. I have to do some more learning about your holidays. Wishing you the happiest and good health and prosperity.

    It is a pleasure knowing you.

  6. I love chinese deserts, they are not too sweet.
    My hubby is doing masters in USM :) so am here in kelantan. My only problem is finding a good place to eat hehehe

  7. Happy Dong-Zhi, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

  8. Kristy,
    From what I know sago pearls are different from tapioca pearls. Are they one and the same?

  9. un très beau blog que je découvre
    bonne fête et à bientôt

  10. Shirley : Sago & tapioca pearl are both actually the same, only different in sizes! The one I'm using is sago pearl and tapioca pearl should be larger.

  11. Very beautiful blog.
    I'll come back.
    A bientôt.

  12. Aux dd gourmet,
    Bienvenue à bord! Je vous remercie pour vos aimables paroles et agréable de vous rencontrer. Nous espérons vous voir plus souvent autour de cette date. À la vôtre!

  13. Saveurs : Welcome on board! Thank you very much. Hope to see you more often then. Cheers.

  14. Oh delicious. I learn so much from your blog. Happy holidays!

  15. new recipe to me!!!thanks for sharing this

  16. I love this Dong Zhi. But I haven' t had them for a long time now. I love the suggested fillings. Chocolate and raisin with palm sugar. Sounds so good! I love the ginger syrup:)

  17. i love those balls! Merry Christmas Dong Zhi!

  18. Your tang yuen looks so colourful and beautiful. I love them very much, especially in pandan syrup. but actually I think I have more fun making them than eating them :)I love all tyes of fillings, especially the red bean paste but it's killing to make the paste. I hope someone will come out with a kitchen gadget to make that.

  19. These are soooo pretty. I love Chinese desserts and to learn about the kind of cooking that you do. I am especially interested in rice foods as I have an allergic to everything kid who can't eat flour so this kind of dessert is most welcomed to learn about. thank you so much for posting!

    Happy New Year!


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